Interest in Rahe is price Weber State pays for wins

One cost of Big Sky basketball success is the possibility that a school with more resources might try to hire away your coach.

It’s a cost of doing business that Weber State will continue to pay as long as Randy Rahe’s teams are at or near the top of the conference. For now, however, it appears that Rahe is staying put.

Multiple sources reported late Tuesday night that former Oregon coach Ernie Kent will be hired for the Colorado State job Rahe interviewed for last week.

While some sources reported Monday that Rahe was one of three finalists for the position vacated by Tim Miles, who left to become Nebraska’s new coach, that list included Rahe, Southern Miss coach Larry Eustachy and New Mexico State coach Marvin Menzies. It did not include Kent or New Mexico assistant Craig Neal and St. John’s assistant Mike Dunlap, who the Albuquerque Journal reported were flown to Denver on Tuesday to meet again with CSU officials, as was Eustachy.

Rahe met with Colorado State last Wednesday but had not met with CSU officials since then and did not travel to Denver on Tuesday.

Menzies withdrew his name Monday and was expected to sign a contract extension at NMSU and Neal told the Albuquerque Journal late Tuesday that he would not be given the job either, just hours after an report said he was a done deal.

Miles reportedly earned $500,000 last season and was due to make $700,000 this year. With Colorado State looking to build on Miles’ success, it stands to reason their new coach’s salary will be in that ballpark. With money like that on the table, it also stands to reason that Rahe and other coaches would listen to CSU’s pitch.

Rahe is signed with Weber State through 2019. A contract signed in March 2011 indicates he is paid $175,000 annually, with a $100,000 bonus paid as long as he is still the coach of the team on July 1 each year.

In his six seasons at WSU, Rahe’s teams have won the Big Sky three times and played in five postseasons. He has been named league coach of the year three times, coached Big Sky MVPs in four seasons, posted a conference winning percentage of .771 (74-22) and sent a player to the NBA Draft early.

If the Wildcats continue to win, Rahe doesn’t even need to be looking for a different job; athletics directors with jobs to fill and more money to offer will come looking to talk to him. Others may come looking at assistants Eric Duft, Tim Gardner and Phil Beckner.

Aside from their salaries, it’s the price Weber State pays for success.

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One Response to Interest in Rahe is price Weber State pays for wins

  1. Alumni71 says:

    Thanks Roy for the update…good job. I actually thought Coach Rahe would have the inside track to the job, what with his prior ties in Colorado. But perhaps one factor may have been Coach Rahe’s teams lack of success in games against tough teams outside the Big Sky. Little to brag about there. Most coaches in the low/mid major programs like the Big Sky are seeking bigger college jobs…very normal, and a price the Weber State(s) are well aware of. Which brings a question as to why Montana’s Wayne Tinkle wasn’t in the mix of candidates? He outcoached Rahe in several Big Sky post season tournament games…is he making big money with Grizzlies?

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