How do Weber State football uniforms rate? Take the poll

Here’s your chance to weigh in on Weber State’s football uniforms and logo.

My friends at the Upset Blog are running a series rating Big Sky uniforms and today the spotlight is on the Wildcats. Zach, John and Brett offer their opinions on WSU’s gear — and despite two of them being WSU alums, they’re not that impressed. To see their thoughts and vote in the poll, click here.

When you’re done, leave your comments here as well. There has been some discussion among Weber State officials about changing the athletics logo and the branding — you’ll notice there’s a wordmark in the middle of the new turf field at Stewart Stadium instead of a logo — so here’s your chance to provide some input.


Earlier, The Upset Blog and I had some fun with combining sports themes with this summer’s blockbuster movies. Get your tickets now to see The Upset Blog’s production of Karl Benson and The Deathly Hallows.

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4 Responses to How do Weber State football uniforms rate? Take the poll

  1. GRTx3 says:

    Black for black’s sake is just awful. I personally believe Weber should make the paw alternate logo (shown at the top of the Upset Blog’s post, and used both on the men’s basketball shorts and as the primary logo of the softball team) as the primary logo.

    As far as the football uni’s go a two tone purple and white “traditional” look with purple tops/ white bottoms @ home, and white tops/purple bottoms on the road. Lose the stupid drop shadow and return to block numbers. I personally like a white helmet, but would not be disappointed if it were to remain purple. Overall, just ditch the black and the “shield” logo, they are both awful.

    • Bob Becker says:

      Agree about black uniforms. Among the ugliest in the land are Southern Miss’s all black home uniforms. I guess their supposed to look menacing. They don’t.

      That said, both home and away uniforms do what need to be done from the POV of a fan in the cheap seats: big numbers clear by means of contrast to people in the stands. If a game uniform does that, from this fan’s POV all the rest is aesthetics.

  2. JayH says:

    As I designer I hate the cat/shield logo. Something simple would be nice, even a return to the italicized arrowed W.

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