Roll out the purple carpet? WSU asks fans for football field design ideas

Boise State is famous for its blue football field nicknamed the Smurf Turf and is a perennial threat to be a BCS buster. Eastern Washington is playing for an FCS national title in its first season since installing a red turf the Eagles like to call The Inferno.

So, Weber State fans, are you ready for the Purple Haze?

The WSU athletics department is asking for fans’ suggestions for designs for its new turf to be installed next season. Here is the official announcement:

Weber State is inviting fans to submit their color ideas for design ideas for the new field. Fans are asked to submit their color field designs. The top design selected will be included in the pool of other designs used by the university to make a final design.

The person submitting the top design will also receive two season tickets to the 2011 Weber State football season.

Submit your entries to weberstatesports, deliver to the WSU athletic offices on the second floor of Stewart Stadium or mail to Weber State Athletics, 2701 University Circle, Ogden, UT 84408, and include your name, phone number and e-mail address.

The clock is ticking. Ideas must be turned in by Jan. 20 to be eligible for the season tickets prize. If you submit a design to Weber State and would like to share it on this blog, send a copy to and I’ll post them here.

What do you think, Wildcats fans? Do you want to see the football field go all-out purple? Would you rather see a more traditional look in classic green? Or something in between?

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10 Responses to Roll out the purple carpet? WSU asks fans for football field design ideas

  1. Bob Becker says:

    How about grass. Real grass. The kind cows eat. Green and growing.

    Looks good. Reduces injuries significantly.

    We do NOT need a magenta rug.

    Or a purple one.

    • Matt Gerrish says:

      Sorry Bob, but WSU has been playing on ‘real’ grass for quite some time now and that field looks like crap after one solid winter storm. Field turf is a must. WSU and Northern Colorado are the only remaining Big Sky teams still living in the stone age with their grass fields.
      However, I agree with you on the colors. Stick with green, no need to follow Eastern Washington’s copy-cat of the Smurf Turf

  2. Bob Becker says:

    If garish and tacky is the goal, Doug, then LSU football graphics would be a good place to look for inspiration. LSU sports graphic designers thought Liberace’s costumes were too understated.

    The one thing I like about Notre Dame [grrrrrrrr] is their minimalist football field striping. Just the simple diagonal slashes to mark each endzone. Classy. And I hate having to say that about the Dame.

    Sorry to see WSU signing onto the colored fields craze. Boise State has much to answer for.

  3. Ben Smith says:

    Bob, real grass looks awful now. If you’re going to spend money for a new field, the only way to go is FieldTurf. Unlike grass, it looks good, and it does reduce injuries significantly. Grass is great for baseball, but in football, the days of grass have passed.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Weber go with a purple field. I think that’d be kind of cool.

  4. Mark Shenefelt says:

    For the love of Knute Rockne, Weber State, eschew the purple turf urge. Football is meant to be played on green turf. The Boise State and Eastern Washington fields are hideous abominations.

  5. Frank Peters says:

    Yeah, don’t go with colored field like EWU. We wouldn’t want all that free exposure, go undefeated like they did, be in Sports Illustrated like they were, win a national championship and see our tickets sales triple. Let’s stick with green grass that turns into a mud pit. Screw progress.

  6. Tyler Hess says:

    Look, I’m not sure whether I like or dislike the idea of a purple field. But I do know one thing, WSU Athletics needs to do something to get people in that stadium. The football program is having one of their most successful series of seasons ever, and they can barely half fill Stewart Stadium. If it takes Barny colored turf to do that, then so be it. One thought though, a new purple turf would only help to draw attention to the ugly, faded ‘purple’ track surrounding the field. Maybe an upgrade on that is in order?

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  8. Mark Hansen says:

    I think the purple turf would look great. I think the artist’s rendition looked fantastic. I agree that Weber needs to do something to fill the stadium and if purple turf helps with that, then why not? Almost every program in the country has green, why not do something different?

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