Big Sky suspends Northern Colorado player for throwing punch in 4OT game at Weber State

A defeat on the scoreboard isn’t the only loss Northern Colorado is taking from last Saturday’s four-overtime game at Weber State.

Northern Colorado deserves credit for fighting to the finish,  but one player crossed the line when he took a swing.

The Bears are losing junior cornerback Brandon Owens for a half-game after he was suspended and reprimanded by the Big Sky Conference on Wednesday for throwing a punch at a WSU player during the third overtime of the 50-47 loss.

Owens will sit out the first half of Northern Colorado’s game Saturday against Idaho State in Greeley, Colo.

Officials did not penalize Owens during the game, but commissioner Doug Fullerton took action after the game was reviewed on film.

“The conference reserves the right to take action in cases where a flagrant act takes place on the field,” Fullerton said in a release from the Big Sky.

Also from the release:

The 2009-10 NCAA rule book defines fighting as “any attempt by a player, coach or squad member in uniform to strike an opponent in a combative manner unrelated to football. Such acts include, but are not limited to: an attempt to strike an opponent with the arm (s), hand (s), leg (s) or foot (feet), whether or not there is contact.”

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2 Responses to Big Sky suspends Northern Colorado player for throwing punch in 4OT game at Weber State

  1. Tripod.MC says:

    So who did he punch?

  2. Matt Gerrish says:

    WSU receiver Austin Raught after Raught caught a TD in the third overtime.

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