Countdown to kickoff

Hello, Wildcat fans, my name is Roy and I’ll be your blogger today. Welcome aboard.

The clock is ticking for Weber State to get football season underway. Kickoff at Boston College is at 11 a.m. MT Saturday. If you want to see the game in person, well, please come to Boston.

In today’s WSU Notes column, I wrote that WSU coach Ron McBride respects but is not intimidated by playing at FBS school Boston College.

The Boston Herald reports that Weber State worries BC boss and offers this bit of warning to the Eagles, should they overlook the Wildcats:

Game week is finally here for the Eagles, and coach Frank Spaziani’s level of trepidation increases with each passing hour. The Eagles open up with Weber State on Saturday, and it’s a game they not only should win, but must win.

If the Wildcats manage to somehow upset the Eagles at Alumni Stadium, it would taint BC’s season.

That said, Spaziani isn’t looking past Weber State, Steve Conroy writes:

“There’s a lot of unknown,” Spaziani said. “We’ve never been on the field with them, there’s not too much commonality. They’ve got a veteran quarterback, they’ve got big linemen, big running backs . . . they know how to throw the ball and run the ball. They’re well-coached. Defensively, they’ll blitz you, they’re sound, they’re tough.

“They’re a good football team, and their expectations this year are a national championship. They were in the playoffs last year, (and) they’re better than they were last year. This is a very difficult game in a lot of ways.”

There are some other story lines to track on the BC front. The Eagles named sophomore Dave Shinskie the starting quarterback last week. Shinskie pitched for several years in the minor leagues, including in the Gulf Coast League in 2003, where he possibly faced future Ogden Raptors then with the GCL Dodgers. See Shinskie’s baseball stats here. After being released, he decided last year to give college football a try and earned the starting nod at BC, but had to beat out Mike Marcovetra again in fall camp this year.

BC also has a co-captain, linebacker Mark Herzlich, who is attempting to return from facing Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare cancer. Herzlich, the 2008 ACC defensive player of the year, also is recovering from a broken foot, but could be ready to go against Weber State.

The Eagles are also dealing with the loss of go-to receiver Colin Larmond Jr., who injured his leg in a recent scrimmage and is out for the season.

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3 Responses to Countdown to kickoff

  1. Bob Becker says:

    So the BC Coach is warning his team not to take WSU lightly, and insisting that he and his players are not looking past the WSU game.

    Uh huh. All across the country this week, heavily favored teams are getting ready to play heavy underdogs in season openers, and I’m willing to bet that every coach of every favored team is (a) cautioning his players not to take the underdog lightly and (b) insisting that he and his players are not looking past the coming game.

    Can you think of any such coach who told reporters on an opening weekend against a heavy underdog “No, we’re not worried about them, have no respect for them, so we really aren’t taking this game seriously. We’re looking past it to next week when we take on our first serious opponent.”

    Didn’t think so.

    The opening game “we take them seriously/not looking past the game” statement to reporters has, I’m afraid, become as common a sports cliche’ as “they came to play.”

  2. Mark Shenefelt says:

    There’s always a chance for an Appalachian State-style upset in the first pre-season game, so cautionary notes from the big-time program’s coach have some validity. Lose that game and you’re vying for a pink slip.

    Weber State under McBride has a history of playing tough in such games, at least in the first half. Too bad Tim Toone can’t return kicks this week ;/

  3. Tripod.MC says:

    No one predicted Weber State hanging in with Hawaii on the road a couple years ago, and they dominated the first half as a very young team. If WSU could put two of those halves together against BC, who knows what could happen?

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