Legislative marriage counselors

This one makes me crazy.

A legislator wants to spend state money to preserve the state marriage commission. Federal funding, $700,000, that kept the thing alive has been pulled — that’s good, because everyone wants to work on cutting the federal debt, right? — but Rep. LaVar Christensen of Draper proposes that the state pick up the bill and keep the commission going. This includes creating a 17-member commission.

If I had $1 for every odd government commission I’d be moving into a Spanish castle.

We don’t even provide adequate classroom supplies in schools but we’re ready to set up a costly state marriage counseling service. In supposed times of austerity, the Legislature sure keeps dreaming up ways to blow money on things that should be left to individual, private and nonprofit activity.

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5 Responses to Legislative marriage counselors

  1. Bob Becker says:

    Well, damn, now you’ve git me playing devil’s advocate. Investing in programs that help preserve marriages is not necessarily an unwise move on the part if the state, since broken marriages, particularly where children are involved, ends up I think swelling the welfare, medicaid and foodstamp rolls with single-mother families. If (a) the money went into programs that are proven to help marriages in danger of unravelling, and (b) researsh showed the state would save money in the end by reducing the wekfare rolls, the money might be a good idea. If, I said….

  2. Mark Shenefelt says:

    I would offer some agreement if documented successes could be identified, but even so I still see it as government busy-body meddling.

    Worse, I see it as a cynical tool for the sponsors to slather apple-pie activity on their campaign fliers.

  3. Debra says:

    Bob Becker……

    You bemoan: “[Broken marriages are]…..swelling the welfare, medicaid and foodstamp rolls with single-mother families………”

    Here is another approach:
    Let’s also have Utah spend the money on SEX EDUCATION – in the schools – both public and private. Currently, we have a high percentage of secondary school-drop-outs, which includes both high school and college. A very low percentage of females in Utah actually graduate with any actual college degree. Motherhood is so glorified it apparently takes precedence – at great cost to the next generation. That’s the research. A marriage commission may be considered somewhat helpful – but birthing a family should be delayed – until they finish as much education as they can. Their children will be better off with EDUCATED mothers – and research supports this national outcome.

    • Zen Wordsmith says:

      Birthing a family alone is not so very risky in this day
      and age. Why with the [SNAP] programme, medicade
      and W.I.C. supplementals, this leaves only a handfull
      of out-sourcing to be had for. {i.e. Catholic Charities}.
      Unless spouse/child abuse has “layed roots”, the Y.C.C.
      [Your Community Connection] cannot apply there expertise
      to where it matters most: Food and Housing and the
      marital “coaching” to get a “dead-beat” [biological sperm]
      Dad, in his pants and working if only for the weekends.
      Remember. Seven days without cash, makes one Weak.

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