New Centennial Trail section astounds

Just another day in paradise.

What better way to take a break from the anxiety of Election Day than by biking the latest stretch of the Centennial Trail now open in Weber County? That’s what I did Tuesday, and as a result I have yet another favorite place to enjoy.

From the confluence of the Ogden and Weber rivers to 1900 West, a paved trail of almost four miles offers a tranquil route along the Weber, mostly hidden from the industrialized surroundings of that area of Marriott-Slaterville and West Haven.

Centennial Trail new section

I turned my battered mountain bike over a bridge walkway branching west from the Ogden River Parkway trail and headed northwest along the Weber. The trail skirts a junkyard and slips beneath noisy Interstate 15, but the ride’s mostly postcard-idyllic all the way to its terminus at 1900 West.

The new trail is another great accomplishment of community leaders, volunteers and recreation groups who have made the Ogden area’s jewel of a trail system a priority. Well done.

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