Gutter-mouth law wrong and unworkable

Coming next: Ogden City will pass a law attempting to control the rotation of the Earth.

There’s no denying that gutter mouth disease is sweeping society. But in trying to stop the F-bombs in parks and recreation settings, Ogden City is acting in Big Brother fashion, seeking to control speech. What would be next, citing people who raise their voices above a certain decibel level? Its extension of existing disorderly conduct law to apply to foul mouths is also impractical. Officials would have to either enforce it randomly, thereby making it an abuse in its own right, or bust every crude yokel within hearing and so fill up the courts and, for repeat scofflaws, the jails. The proposed law is vague, too. Who is going to define “abusive, profane or indecent” language?

The city seems to be most concerned about players and parents freaking out at sporting events. There’s no need to try to criminalize such boorishness. Kick people out of events and even the dimmest offenders will eventually get the hint: Behave or you’re out.

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4 Responses to Gutter-mouth law wrong and unworkable

  1. Neal Humphrey says:

    The gutter-mouth law will be enforced by a secret combination …

  2. Bob Becker says:

    Been a while since my children played soccer in Louisiana, but I saw screaming abusive sideline parents handled very nicely by the local soccer association referees. They simply called time, called the coach of the side the parents were on over, and told them if the parents involved did not leave the sidelines, the playing area entirely, the game would be forfeit by that team. That got rid of the loud mouth abusive parents real fast. Once of them accosted the referee after the game, and the police were called and made an arrest. Seemed to work. Some coaches banned some parents from the games, and said flat out your kid won’t play a minute if you show up. That worked too.

  3. Myth Buster says:

    I agree Mark, It’s not enforceable and Un-Constitutional. So it’s alright to call Jesus a Joker or Jester, just not a Ship High in Transit Head? or a Ray of Sun Hole? or Fornicate Under Consent of the King Off? or Got to the Norse Misty Place?
    So the 2nd Amendment really means no automatic weapons and the 1st really means a bad word is whatever we say it is.
    It’s alright for George Bush Jr to call the constitution “A Damn piece of paper” and his father to give a Thumbs Up gesture to Iraqis who just had their nation destroyed in Shock and Awe? That little gesture means F— Off by the way.
    Well then have yourselves a Merry little Death and Consumption of the Messiah Day.

  4. Writingindependence says:

    It seems some people have a natural bent for either monitoring others speech or making them conscientiously too conflicted to get something off their chest. Writing about something so banal is certainly promoting that agenda of guilt riddling.

    In my book, and comparatively more accurate by classification of ‘bombs’ or the most infamous ones anyway according to the periodic table of elements, “F-Bomb” can stand for nothing other than fluoridation, a wanton chemical weapon of mass destruction laying waste to generation after generation of American genome and intelligence.

    Now if we had journalism and good writing it wouldn’t be piddling into these soft non-issues to goad people about their speech, or mind them of their pathetic little monitors.

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