Memory like a sieve? Rick Perry’s my man

I go to the grocery store and inevitably end up scratching my head in frustration. What am I forgetting? Milk? Cheez-Its? The mystery item often will come to mind only after I get home, no doubt a vital item for dinner that requires a return trip to the market.

Good thing I’m not the guy in charge of The Bomb, or something else important, like the federal government.

So, I’m feeling sympathetic toward Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who bombed out again in yet another Republican presidential debate Wednesday night. He set out to name the three federal departments he’d kill off when he gained the White House. But after condemning the Education and Commerce departments, he spaced out. He could not remember the third doomed agency. “Oops,” he said.

It’s OK, Rick. My wife rolls her eyes when I forget the butter. We’re human. Your wife told you that you “stepped in it,” so join the club.

On the other hand, my logistical pratfalls don’t impact anyone outside my family. But you want to run the country and yet you can’t even keep your budget hit list straight. That creeps me out. It’s more than just being a lousy debater. It’s being a space cadet, or just as bad, someone apparently not interested in being in mental command of his own big objectives.

The president needs to possess all of his marbles, at a minimum. A sharp intellect, mental discipline and a nonporous memory are not too much to ask, in addition.

I can go back to the store and no one cares. Perry, a major candidate for the presidency, unable to remember a federal department he wants to abolish? That’s not funny. It’s terrifying.

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8 Responses to Memory like a sieve? Rick Perry’s my man

  1. Bob Becker says:

    What I suspect happened is that the list was not the result of Perry’s long and careful thought on the matter, but had been decided on by his handlers, based on polling and focus groups composed of likely Republican primary voters, and simply handed to him as part of his platform for the debate. Not having done much by way of developing the list himself, or thinking about it, it was not very surprising that he couldn’t remember his lines.

    BTW, Mr. Bagley has a really nasty editorial cartoon up on this over at the Trib site. [Link below.] Still chuckling….

  2. Mark Shenefelt says:

    Not bad, Bob. Kind of like in the old Redford movie, The Candidate. The suit’s empty.

  3. efialtis says:

    There are 3 things I would like to say about this:
    1) This kind of thing happens to everyone. Sometimes we suffer from what is commonly known as a “brain fart”…
    2) Just because someone experiences a “brain fart” doesn’t mean they are unqualified, or some how inferior. Or we could sit and talk about the many Obama gaffes… just to prove a point.
    3) um… well… oops.


  4. Dovie says:

    I agree with Ef, to some degree. I can’t talk, either. Think I have early onset Alzheimers sometimes.

    However, in the Tea Party tradition, I would like to (sarcastically) provide Perry’s defense: The “liberal mainstream media picks on me”.

  5. zarnicki says:

    After his lack of mental aptitud, seems to me that Rick Perry needs to keep the Dept. of Education. Of course, the GOP want sto get rid of it so that their comrades in the private school industry can win contracts and totally ruin the education level of all generations. Then the Commerce department to quit watching what private industy is illegally doing, hmmm wonder if this includes the SEC. Of course, the Energy Department so they can remove all the controls for the big oil buddies. The only place Rick Perry is qualified to sit, is in the corner with the DUNCE cap on.

  6. hawg says:

    maybe he forgot which one of the “57 states with one more to go” he was going to kick out of union.

    • Ammon says:

      Ahhhhh the omnipresent 4-year-old 57 state gaffe. Surely you can come up with something fresher, as efialtis pointed out—there are supposedly “many” of them.

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