“Hatch Plant” bankrupt and spent $33 million fed grant

A USA Today story details how a green energy company trumpeted by Sen. Orrin Hatch – the power plant was even named after the Utah lawmaker – went bankrupt after using a $33 million federal grant to pay debts.

It’s shaping up as a pot-calling-kettle-black scenario, as Hatch has been a fierce attacker against the Obama administration for the appalling Solyndra scandal.

Of course, Hatch’s flaks have a list of excuses that lamely attempt to minimize his role in the sorry story of his corporate ally’s bankrupted namesake Utah power plant. No matter. It’s a pathetic case of an accuser’s hot air exposed, kind of like Newt Gingrich and the other skirt-lifting House Republican leaders of his day raging against Bill Clinton’s adulteries.




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19 Responses to “Hatch Plant” bankrupt and spent $33 million fed grant

  1. Bob Becker says:

    Odd. I don’t remember seeing a Hatch press release disguised as a blog post on the blog the SE has so thoughtfully provided him announcing this particular failure and his role in it. Imagine that….

    • Neal Cassidy says:

      I agree with you. Lets rant about losing large sums of money but smaller amounts do not really matter. It is the old saying’If you are going to steal(or lose) go big. Although 33 million here and 33 million there and someday it could add up to a larger amount but right now it hardly seems to matter.

      • efialtis says:

        Well, like I said, it isn’t a trivial amount…
        But in the same bucket, at the same time, are far larger sums of money to complain about.
        Why this specific company was chosen, I am not exactly sure (maybe just because Hatch was involved? or …)
        And, when talking about something on the order of 2 Trillion in wasted funds (just in this category alone) why complain about the smallest amount in the bucket?

        • Mark Shenefelt says:

          Because it’s a Utah venture backed all the way to political naming rights by Utah’s senior senator. Most of the people who read this blog supposedly are represented by Hatch and should be interested. It’s also the first word on this case, so has immediate news value.

          I can’t keep up with Solyndra, but I did point it out as another green-energy scandal — one already being covered incessantly nationally.

          I suppose it’s inconvenient for those savaging Obama over the Solyndra scandal to recognize that the same type of political flim flam might be happening in our back yard. It’s also hypocritical.

          • efialtis says:

            I am not unwilling to accept that it happened…
            I did post, in my first set of links, something on the order of 4 such “scandals”…
            I tend to lump them all into one bucket.

            What I was mostly interested in is the “pot kettle” part of your comment…
            I would say, it is the $33 million pot and the $1.2 trillion kettle…

            The only question I have is:
            Is the person who steals $33 as bad as the one who steals $1,200?

  2. Bob Becker says:

    Lest anyone think Sen. Hatch was ducking the issue, “Hatch’s office said the senator was unavailable to comment on the issue Friday.

    Hmmm…. wonder if he was unavailable because he was at the opening of yet another Utah airport built largely with federal funds, which means tomorrow he’ll deliver another scathing speech about government spending being out of control.

  3. Dovie says:

    Isn’t it also kind of interesting that it originates with USA Today? Hatch is enabled by the local culture. We never hear anything til it goes national.

    Hatch won’t respond. He doesn’t need to respond.

    But thank you, Mark Shenefelt, for passing it on.

  4. zarnicki says:

    Hey Elfie, why don’t you look through Hatch’s entire career then add up how much he has sucked in and wasted of taxpayer’s money. If a crime is commited, it doesn’t matter if its $25 or 1 trillion, the fact remains, it was committed. Hatch is the epitomy of a career politician that underscores the need for TERM limits. His whole career is a culmination of leading this country to the edge of default. He and his kind have sucked the best from this nation and let it decay. They have stood by and let it go down the wrong paths. So much for having years of experience when it ends up that you never applied your experience nor lessons learned from the past to do the right thing. That is undisputable.

    • efialtis says:

      I don’t see anywhere that I am defending Hatch.
      In fact, I have put him in the category of “thief”…
      I have also put forth and support the idea of term limits on ALL elected offices.
      All of what you post is also a big reason the TEA Party is looking for a viable replacement for Hatch…

      I don’t see where we disagree on this one.

      • zarnicki says:

        I am not a fan of the Tea Party either is it is made up of a generation of spoiled brats who were given everything as kids and now only whine about things rather than provide viable solutions. Eric Cantor is an idiot who has tunnel vision on his approach to handling the deficit. The fact that they would want the U.S. to default thus weakening our position in the world and damaging our credit rating was nothing short of an act of treason. The Tea Party doesn’t understand that it is Country First, not partisan politics. I am mad as hell at all parties and all office holders for putting our nation at risk. I think that they all should be impeached for failing to act long ago when they should have instead of putting on that shameful display. There are many ways to solve our problems but it will take a combination of cutting costs as well as raising revenues. That means budgets reduced and tax code overhaul to close loopholes, entice business to return with jobs, and everyone paying their fair share. No 999 is not the answer but it opens the door to tax code reform.

        • Owain says:

          So we didn’t default, and yet our credit rating was reduced anyway. No criticism of Democrats on that?

          Our credit rating was reduced because the Democrats are doing nothing to reduce the out of control unsustainable spending, not because of debate on raising our debt ceiling limits. What good does it do to raise the debt ceiling when the country is teetering on the edge of bankrupcy? If you were to owe the bank $1 million, and were making no effort to pay it back, would they suddenly relax if you told them, “OK, I’ve raised my debt limit to $1.1 million, so everything is fine now. Loan me another $100,000.”

          You’re complaining about the wrong problem.

        • efialtis says:

          I guess you don’t pay attention to what is happening with the TEA Party.
          The TEA Party is doing all kinds of useful and interesting things to come up with solutions to the problems, sending these ideas in to the right people, and following up.
          That is the problem with the Liberal Media… they don’t want to give any positive press to the TEA Party… and people like you are to disinterested to look into it.
          So far, the TEA Party seems to be the only one coming up with solutions; granted, they are solutions the Democrats would NEVER support, but that isn’t our fault, even if it is our problem…

      • Steven H says:

        Tea Party? I think they actually blew themselves out of the water with some of the ridiculous items they have attempted to bring forth. Even the Republicans are pulling away from them! Oops, with the exceptionof Hatch!

  5. Owain says:

    I missed this post, but saw a mention on Trentelman’s blog.

    As I mentioned to Charles, “I see nowhere in the linked article where Sen. Hatch provided Rasor Technologies with a dime of taxpayer dollars. The $33 Million they received was in a grant from Treasury Department, an organization that falls under the Federal Executive Branch of government, not the Legislative Branch. If there is any blame to be had here, it falls at President Obama’s doorstep, not Senator Hatch’s.”

    Was it wrong of Senator Hatch to be supportive of a Utah company working in the field of green energy? Exactly what did Senator Hatch do wrong in this instance?

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