No tears for 1957 ‘classmate’ bin Laden

Honesty is good. I’m honestly smiling today because Osama bin Laden ended up as shark food.

I’m also relieved, because I’ve had a weird, creepy affinity with the revolting terrorist. We were both born in 1957. That’s a classmate to remember. So, since the September 11 attacks, I’ve often involuntarily reflected on bin Laden’s life and compared it to mine. This crumb was my contemporary.

It’s a scary mirror. While I was running through the sprinklers as a boy, what was bin Laden doing? Torturing small animals? It has been easy for me to draw favorable assessments, to know that while my life has been far from perfect, bin Laden’s was a textbook study of evil. But that’s too easy. I wondered, if one guy born in ’57 was capable of Hitleresque infamy, what about the rest of us? I finally decided to just feel safe in my self-review and not try to figure out how someone as horrifying as bin Laden could emerge on this earth.

His demise feels like an affirmation. The murderous “classmate” was put down by our brave U.S. Navy SEALs and his corpse dumped into the ocean. While Osama went to sleep with the fishes today, I went outside for lunch and got to drink in the beauty of a crisp Utah day of bright blue sky and brilliant snow-capped peaks. I win, dirtbag.

As the TV news flashed Sunday night, I did a double-take, for a moment not ready to believe. Bin Laden’s dead? But a second later I blurted, “Yeah!” and wanted to high-five someone. My visceral reaction could be classified as bloodthirsty. I get it. But that was my honest feeling. My very bloodthirsty “classmate” finally got what was coming to him. Yes, I’m smiling about it.

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6 Responses to No tears for 1957 ‘classmate’ bin Laden

  1. Bob Becker says:

    My reaction on hearing the news last night was a simple but heartfelt “good.” Didn’t feel like parading the the streets or chanting “USA! USA!” or high fiving. Just “good.” Quiet satisfaction that at long last we’d run the mass murderer to ground as we said we would.

    And I’m not at all disappointed that he was killed in the attack. Saved us years of endless arguments on blogs and talk shows and on the campaign trail about how he should be tried, where he should be tried, etc. And endless pictures of surging crowds of Muslim extremists chanting “free Osama!” as the years rolled by.

    Didn’t find out about the burial at sea until this morning, but upon reflection, I like that too. It honored Muslim religious practice, which was a classy thing to do [we are better as a people and a nation than the terrorists are as a people and a movement], and it prevented his burial place from becoming a shrine. Even if he’d been buried at an unnamed location, terrorist fundies would be forever announcing they’d found the true site, and started pilgrimages. [Two places claim to be Columbus burial place, and two places claim to be Billy the Kids burial place.] Swift burial at sea was, I think, a good decision.

  2. I think he died as he lived. As with Saddam Hussein, someone living a life centered on violence was going to die violently — we all make our own choices in life.

    Not sure if killing bin Laden will make the world a safer place, but the data collected from that raid … just might.

  3. Howard Ratcliffe says:

    As Commodus’ sister said “It’s a pleasant fiction” Far harder is to come to grips with the fact the CIA hired Osama in 1979 to train Mujhideen for the Taliban in Afghanistan or to know Reagan and Gorbachev were 30 year friends. Saddam was a lot like Hitler or Qadaffi in that his persona for locals was far different than the media portrayal. Don Rumsfeld was on hand in Detroit when Saddam received the Keys to the City; Bush, Cheney, Weinberger, Salem and Osama bin Laden and Rumsfeld were all Carlyle Group investors who profitted greatly from Halliburton’s no-bid contract to siphon oil directly to Haifa Israel.
    Who can forget the endearing memories of his sons stealing 3 semi-trucks full of $100 bills, $20 billion in all or UN Secretary General Kofi Annon stealing $2 Billion from the “Oil for Food” program.
    If you haven’t read the April Glaspie Report you should; the Iraqi ambassador coaxed Saddam into the war and amassing troops along the Highway of Death where they were later straffed and buried under white flag of truce.
    Who the heck wants to hear Daniel wrote Chapter 8 at Basra and fainted when he found out about the unmitigated slaughter of humanity that would start there when WWIII begins with the Grecian Goat (Democracy) takes on the Mede-Persians (Zorastrian Iran) or that HG Wells wrote in his book “The Shape of things to Come” in 1933 that WWIII would start with an incursion at Basra.
    The pleasant fiction seems to work better, there seems to be an endless supply of Archduke Ferdinands, Hitlers, Abu Nidals, Muammar Qadaffis, Saddam Husseins and Osama bin Ladens.
    As Ben Franklin said “Democracy is 2 wolves and a lamb agruing over what’s for dinner”

  4. Mike Randle says:

    Mark, I may be misinterpreting your post but Bin Laden was NOT our contemporary. He was a spoiled rich kid, we weren’t. He was power hungry, we aren’t. He had several wives @ the same time, we didn’t. Bin Laden was fortunate in that he was “friends” with both Regan and Gorbachev neither of which attended our Birthday bash for Goody. So you see, we are BETTER people than Bin Laden was and as such nobody can lay that contemporary label on us.

    • A contemporary is an age peer, not necessarily a lifestyle peer.

      Charlie Chaplin was a contemporary of Adolf Hitler (born in the same year)… but we wouldn’t compare them in any other way.

  5. Howard Ratcliffe says:

    Oh contrare, Hitler revered Charlie so much he fashioned his famous moustache after him. Stalin was in the same \Theosophical Society\ aka \Brotherhood of Death\ as Prescott Bush and Adolph; he said \Give me Hollywood and the youth of one generation and I will control the world\

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