Utah Eagle Forum now conserving on cloth

Oh, my. Utah Eagle Forum interns showing cleavage and thigh.

I try to keep up on operations of the Utah Eagle Forum, which in some ways runs the Utah Legislature, and therefore to a degree, all Utahns’ lives. But I was taken aback, then highly amused, to see the photos accompanying the Standard-Examiner story Sunday about young adults and teenagers who monitor bills at the Capitol for the Eagle Forum. Was that a low neckline and a high skirt?

Gayle Ruzicka, stern president of the organization that says it fights for family values, the Bible and the Constitution, must be slipping after all her years in the legislative trenches. How else to interpret the spectacle of her youth warriors displaying a little skin on the job? The Eagle Forum has a history of virulently fighting feminists and all things feminism, and it preaches conservative family adherence to modesty and other moral standards. In that light, I would expect those young women under the forum’s tutelage to be garbed neck to mid-shin, at least.

We should demand the utmost in propriety from those who are working so hard to micromanage our lives.

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9 Responses to Utah Eagle Forum now conserving on cloth

  1. Doug Gibson says:

    You don’t watch much Fox News, do you Mark?

    • Mark Shenefelt says:

      I watched the whole Sunday morning Chris Wallace hour, actually. Nothing there deserving similar comment.

    • Howard Ratcliffe says:

      Intern Cleavage is the least of concerns. Schlafly (maiden name Stewart) is a Council for National Policy and Daughter’s of the American Revolution member; her Eagle Forum’s “Eaglettes” are in many State Legislatures monitoring bills, attempting to put a stop to the Equal Rights Amendment. A Reagan Neo-con Defense Policy “Star Wars” Advisor, she advocates NSA space borne surveillance of everyone on earth. She is a relative of Robert the Bruce “Stewart” Clan, of “Braveheart”, Battle of Bannockburn and Scottish Declaration of Arbroath fame and for the bible literate her Eagle Forum is code for Esau, whose Society of Red Men instigated the Revolution; whose symbol is the Eagle as stated in the book of Obadiah and whose House will be destroyed at the 2nd Coming.
      Cleavage? Look in her eyes and see if she has a soul.

  2. Neal Humphrey says:

    Yup. Checked the photos and the young lady is obviously not a “Temple Mormon.” I’d say she’s a Presbyterian but my politicized co-religionists are usually very progressive. She actually reminds me of my secretary who, after seven years of ministry, left me two weeks ago to join the management cadre at Stein Eriksen’s Lodge in Park City.

  3. Michael Trujillo says:

    I guess I’ve been away from Utah too long. All I saw was two conservative teen-age girls in black.

  4. hawg says:

    you really took the time to sit down and write this diatribe over those pictures?? pretty slow news day I guess.

  5. leftofutah says:

    OMG, Mark:

    I thought the moght be an article about Gayle Ruzicka’s cleavage. I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.

  6. leftofutah says:

    Jeez, my proof reading (maybe I should try it) is horrible.

    Let’s try again.

    “OMG, Mark:

    I thought this might be an article about Gayle Ruzicka‚Äôs cleavage. I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.”

    Sorry about that, guys.

  7. Stephen M. Cook says:

    In 1994, after inviting Gail to come to Weber State and speak at an Honors Issues Forum, spending the day listening to her ideas about the origin of man, the place of religion in public life, and the importance of her own narrow reality tunnel in everyone else’s lives, I can attest: she is one. scary. control. freak.

    Why do some people think that their sense right and wrong are universal truths, instead of attempting an understanding of the complexities of brain chemistry that allow the thought of “i am right you are wrong” to dominate their lives?

    I wish I had recorded Professor Ron Holt’s lecture later that week in our Anthropology Magic and Religion Class. Epic Holt, if you know what I mean. ;>

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