Nunchucks owners unite!

The ninja community should be up in arms.

The Utah Legislature has been busy passing measures this year designating a state gun and even protecting knife owners from local prosecution. Rep. Curt Oda of Clearfield alone has an armory’s worth of gun bills.

But what about nunchucks? Brass knuckles? Louisville sluggers? Frying pans? With the stampede to protect our state’s gun and knife bearers, why not extend protection to all other weaponry that might conceivably run afoul of some onerous local laws limiting their use? This is why I’m surprised ninja groups aren’t hiring lobbyists to get Rep. Ryan Wilcox of Ogden to defend their constitutional rights to bear nunchucks.
Bruce Lee uses nunchucks in the movies (Image source:

Seriously, the Legislature is getting ready to gore education budgets and the like, yet lawmakers still are finding plenty of time to debate and pass laws attacking problems that arguably don’t exist. Wilcox’s measure, House Bill 271, “prohibits a municipality, a county, and a local district from regulating the use of a knife unless specifically authorized.” It passed the House 52-17 on Thursday and is now in the Senate.

I must have missed the whole grass-roots groundswell of Second Amendment outrage about Utah’s oppressed knife owners.

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10 Responses to Nunchucks owners unite!

  1. Bob Becker says:

    What about saps? They’re illegal in some states [considered to be concealed weapons]. I await with eager anticipation the day when the Utah Republican Legislature selects an Official Utah State Sap. [Note: suggestions proposing "the Utah voter" for the honor will, I suspect, not be favorably received.]

  2. Neal Humphrey says:

    Oh … Dr. Bob, you meant those cute little leather bludgeons weighted with shot, not my brother-in-law … ‘Had me going there for a minute.

  3. hawg says:

    might I suggest that you don’t bring your offical state nunchucks to an offical state handgun fight.

  4. Erick Kuhni says:

    I think Ninja’s have adopted a pretty good policy of keeping their weapons penchant discrete, and so they benefit more from the “out-of-sight-out-of-mind” principle. Many a second-amendment(er) would do well to consider this approach. Most of the social gun-stigma’s come from those enthusiastic few who want everyone to know that they have “rights” to both own and carry their weapon of choice.

  5. Bill says:

    A real Ninja wouldn’t let you know they were a ninja and ANYTHING can be a weapon. Nanchuku are a good workout, however.

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