Don't pass GO, but have a good laugh

Someone in Sheldon Killpack’s family has a good sense of humor. Maybe they all do. How else to explain Killpack posing in a Monopoly T-shirt?

Sheldon Killpack pose from Facebook

The former state senator and Republican majority leader from Syracuse, who resigned after being arrested on a DUI charge in January, is seen on Facebook wearing a “Go directly to jail” T. The photo appears as the Facebook profile picture used by his wife. To see it in use, log in to your account on Facebook and search for “Nicole Eldredge Killpack.” It’s an amusing photo, much more appealing than the ex-legislator’s jail booking mug.

Killpack is fighting his DUI arrest in court. He’s taking a much more serious stance there than in the self-deprecating Facebook snapshot.

Thanks to Standard-Examiner columnist Mark Saal for passing along this tip. Someone sent him a printout of the photo in the mail anonymously, as if the matter were some dark secret.

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One Response to Don't pass GO, but have a good laugh

  1. Doug Gibson says:

    He looks in better shape now than the sadsack wasted guy we saw in the mug shot.

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