House Republicans unveil Web comment board

The U.S. House Republicans have a new Web comment board (pointed out by Rep. Jason Chaffetz today on Twitter). is open to browse and read topics and posts. But to comment or even vote up or down on an idea, it requires registration. It will be interesting to see how comments are handled, monitored, etc. On a quick perusal of the Open Mic section this morning, I saw a post advocating freedom from religion for atheists, so there doesn’t seem to be censoring of topics that fall outside the Republican Party playbook.

Political junkies would be advised to check out the site. However, by registering, realize you are giving your congressional representative permission to e-mail you. That’s a good campaign database and fundraising tactic for congressional candidates.

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4 Responses to House Republicans unveil Web comment board

  1. an old, old man says:

    Sounds like another FEEL GOOD, FOOL YA, Republican plot to fool the masses. Anybody want to bet how much good it’ll do?

  2. bea says:

    I submitted my idea to barter poultry and house painting for health care services. I bet no one else has come up with an idea as great as that!

  3. Zarnicki says:

    Just another place for conservatives to whine without providing any plausible solutions to todays problems most of which were created by them. Bunch of BS

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