Rapper says Romney used "Vulcan grip" on him

Today we’re eerily reminded of Mitt Romney’s confrontation with some Snowbasin event attendees back in the 2002 Olympics. During traffic problems before one of the events, Romney — head of the 2002 Games for Utah — personally took charge of some of the traffic control. Some attendees later accused Romney of cursing at them, a charge he strenuously denied.

Transportation and trouble seem to coincide for Romney, considering the story out today about his tussle with a rap star aboard an airline flight.

Political figures of course are magnets for publicity and controversy, although this makes twice that the likely 2012 Republican presidential candidate has mixed it up with “real people.”

It’s a he-said, he-said tale, once again. It’s also amusing. I laughed out loud when I read that rapper Sky Blu described Romney as having grabbed his shoulder in a “condor grip” or “Vulcan grip.”

The rapper, whose real name is Skyler Gordy, told his side in a video on TMZ. Gordy is a grandson of Motown mogul Berry Gordy.

UPDATE: The science fiction geeks blog weighs in, even posting a nostalgic photo of Mr. Spock using the Vulcan pinch on a hapless victim. Hysterical!

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4 Responses to Rapper says Romney used "Vulcan grip" on him

  1. laytonian says:

    The interesting part about the video?

    First, Mitt grabs the (black) guy’s shoulder….but Mitt’s wife SCREAMS when the guy touches him back.

    Kinda brings back that good old 2002 volunteer memory, of us volunteers being told to clean up our areas because Mitt was going to visit our venue and thank everyone.

    Anyone who volunteered, remembers the insulting food-like substances foisted off on us.

    Well imagine our surprise! Here we are, in our little office, watching silver trays and covered dishes being paraded down the hallway.

    Then, here comes MITT! We were quite ready, by then, to meet the “man who saved the Olympics”.

    But he didn’t even stop, or even look to either side. Eyes straight ahead, he quickly strode down the food to the Mysterious Place Where the Good-Looking Food Was Taken.

    We heard some mumbled words, and some clapping. Maybe Mitt thanked someone, but we never heard who.

    Then he left out another door. And so did the food, evidently.

  2. Michael Trujillo says:

    Well, I’m no fan of Romney’s, but if the plane hasn’t taken off yet, you can’t tilt your seat back. If Gordy’d done it in the seat in-front of me, I’d I’ve said something, too. I wouldn’t sit there with 6 less inches of space in front of my face for 45 minutes while we go through the Emergency briefing, pull away from the gate, taxi, and get to cruising altitude.

    But I suspect Mitt was also angered that he had to ride in coach with the un-washed heathens. I wonder how her reacted later in the flight when he actually had to pay for his meal and eat it out of a cardboard box?

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  4. Neal Humphrey says:

    If Romney starts to make the sign of the “shin” we’ll know the rapper’s Vulcan Grip experience was the real Stark Trek deal.

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