Buckled up and still alive to tell about it

The SUV spins out on an icy road. The guardrail does no guarding, and the rig flies down a Yellowstone Park embankment and rolls, jamming into a tree-choked snowbank. It could have been a multiple-fatality accident. But the four ski vacationers crawled out of the totaled vehicle with nothing more than a few bruises and a sprained thumb.

After the rollover in Yellowstone Park. AMANDA COLEMAN photo

Amanda Coleman, one of the backseat passengers, says the safety slogan we’ve all heard and read a million times is true: Seat belts save lives. All four were buckled up.

The SUV was totaled, the ski day was ruined. But having walked away from a spectacular car wreck, life was sweet at that instant. Amanda was back at work at the Standard-Examiner on Wednesday, still giddy from surviving her brush with death. She said she was thrilled to be tackling projects that just last week may have been viewed as mundane.

She was even chewing out co-workers known to disdain seat belts. “Wear your seat belt or I’m going to punch you,” she told one miscreant.

Look at these scary crash photos. Think about your life. Wear your seat belts. They really do save lives.

Only exit through one rear door. AMANDA COLEMAN photo

Photos courtesy of Amanda Coleman

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2 Responses to Buckled up and still alive to tell about it

  1. Charles Trentelman says:

    i love these stories. I actually had a Roy cop tell me once that he didn’t want to wear a seat belt because “I want to be thrown free.”

    yeah, free, right through the windshield.

  2. Michael Trujillo says:

    There are still people who don’t wear their seat belts? Seriously? I don’t know anyone who doesn’t buckle up.

    (And as anyone who knows me can confirm, I’m a pretty big rule breaker and risk taker. It’s just that seat belts are so ergonomical now that I can’t even tell I’m wearing one.)

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