Senate portrait vs booking mug

Quite a contrast. State Senate Majority Leader Sheldon Killpack’s official portrait and his Salt Lake County jail booking mug. Killpack was arrested on suspicion of DUI early Friday.

Killpack portrait

Killpack booking mug

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8 Responses to Senate portrait vs booking mug

  1. The people who take photos for driver licenses start out doing mug shots heheh

  2. flatlander100 says:

    I have to admit that, as a Utah Democrat, when I first read the story, I enjoyed a little “Gotcha!” moment. But it passed. I wouldn’t wish the hell of alcoholism and drunk driving and all the grief that comes with it on anyone. Not even a holier-than-thou Utah family-values Republican.

    Kudos to the policeman who got him off the road before he killed himself, or worse, someone else. And my hat’s off to the cop for arresting him, rather than, once he identified himself, simply calling to have someone pick the Senator up and quietly cart him off home and pour him into bed. As happens far too often in other state capitals. Good work, officer. Good work.

  3. Mike Trujillo says:

    \I wouldn’t wish the hell of alcoholism and drunk driving and all the grief that comes with it on anyone.\

    You’re not implying that this shows Killpack to be an alcoholic, are you? The simply truth is, driving after having a couple of drinks can happen to anyone. All it takes is one minute of bad decission making.

    I don’t know this guy, but what this illustrates to all those folks who are saying, \He’s the last person I would have thought would do this,\ is that it can happen to anyone.

    One DUI – you made a mistake. Hope you learned something.
    Two DUIs – you’re an idiot. You need to be taught a lesson.
    Three DUIs – you are clearly clueless. Get used to taking the bus.
    No DUIs – You’ve been lucky.

  4. flatlander100 says:


    Well, MT, drunk driving is often, but not as you note, always, associated with people who are alcoholics — or [the politer term] “have a drinking problem.” I don’t know enough about Sen. Kilpack to know if he is a high-performing alcoholic or not, but if he was, as the officer said, driving erratically under the influence, I think that shifts the probability that he may be up several notches. Not certainty, but probability.

    If it was just one instance of having two or three too many and he does not repeat, that would be wonderful. I hope truly that’s what happened and happens. I sincerely hope, for him, his family and the rest of us who have to share the road with hijm, there’s no more involved than that.

  5. laytonian says:

    Apparently, there IS a drinking problem — at least according to the Deseret News, that reports he and his wife (and church) have been “dealing with it”.

    So…who was complicit in keeping this quiet?

    I wish no ill on anyone, but every person who decides to drive while drunk, deserves ridicule. It’s a purposeful decision without any regard to humanity.

  6. Mike Trujillo says:

    Did you notice the sentence in today’s story that his own father was killed by a drunk driver?

    I don’t think he deserves “ridicule”. There are obviously much deeper issues and personal demons at play here.

  7. Dovie says:

    I’m all for realism. There’s a deep philosophical conversation here about which pix represents the real guy. Both, perhaps?

    I always rolled by eyes when we talked about the “liberal” media taking bad pix of GWB to make him look stupid and ugly. If you snapped 100 pix of me, 98 of them would be ugly. That’s because I’m just not that good looking.

    It’s not a media plot.

    The alternative is the “official national picture” which is posed and artificial. Every time I see one, I am reminded of Saddam Hussein’s official portrait hanging all over Iraq.

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