Facebook bragging, delivery room groping, educator sex drives

My eyebrows need rest. They’ve been jumping up and down all week while flipping the pages of the Standard-Examiner and cruising through StandardNET. Human nature’s been in maximum flourish lately. I think the moon was full a week or so ago, could that be it?

“Sexual abuse” and “labor and delivery” rarely appear in the same news story, but they did after a man allegedly twice groped a nurse — as his wife was being wheeled into an Ogden hospital to give birth. He’s just drunk, the unfortunate mother-to-be explained. Criminal charges are in process.

Meantime, it’s difficult to top the “dumb criminals” escapade of Maxi Sopi, who was accused of pulling off a $200,000 haul from Seattle banks and credit unions. He fled to Mexico and began living the life of a king, lounging on Cancun’s beaches by day and partying in the clubs at night. But Sopi just learned it’s better to be circumspect on Facebook if you’re running from the law. He bragged on Facebook about his luxurious lifestyle and the feds tracked him down.

And, what to do about the apparent high hormone levels of Top of Utah teachers? In recent months we followed the criminal cases of two Davis County female teachers who had sex with the same teenage boy. And this week, we’ve had stories about investigations of male teachers reported to have been hooking up with teenage students, or recently former students. My 17-year-old daughter’s still in high school, and these stories make me want to follow her around armed with nunchucks.

Today’s news also brings the report of the Layton High School principal being put on paid leave for an investigation. Details to come as the story develops.

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5 Responses to Facebook bragging, delivery room groping, educator sex drives

  1. Doug Gibson says:

    The cases involving educators with students and so forth almost seems like an epidemic. I wonder why the creepy marriage between a 62-year-old teacher and an 18-year-old hasn’t hit the cable news channels?

  2. laytonian says:

    I’ve been wondering the same thing, about why we’d not heard or read any national news on “old guy 62-year-old teacher married the young student” story.

    Maybe now that we have the “47-year-old teacher shacked up with the ex-student”, the flurry will be notable?

    Or is the same thing happening everywhere. These used to be rare cases, now they’re commonly reported.

    But….I also remember that lots of the male teachers at Central Jr and Ogden High were so much more touchy-feely than the female teachers. None of us girls thought it was a bit odd. It was just what it was.

  3. flatlander100 says:

    I suspect one reason we are seeing so much more of the teacher/coach sex with student stories is that these kinds of things used to be hushed up to avoid scandal. [Thank of how long pedophile abuses in the Catholic clergy were hushed up by the hierarchy and not reported to the police by victims families to avoid scandal. NYT has a story today that just recently, for the first time, the Hasidic community in NY, which almost never referred child molestation cases within the community to the police but handled them via rabinical courts, is now reporting such cases to the police in anger that the rabinical courts generally covered things up. And so on.] People who might have kept it all quiet to avoid involving a family in scandal — remember, for a long time and not too long ago many people considered it shameful for someone to have been raped, to have been the victim of rape — now are more willing to bring complaints to authorities and to demand that something be done. Hence, more stories. That does not necessarily mean the number of incidents [as a percentage of population] have increased, but that peoples’ willingness to make them public has increased.

  4. Mark Shenefelt says:

    Another local teacher-student sex case broke today: Another. @standardex Roy teacher accused of sex with student http://tinyurl.com/ygdt89s

  5. Michael Trujillo says:

    I think that this kind of thing has been going on since schools were invented. I’m guessing that it’s just more “reported” now. And, like all activities, legal or otherwise, the numbers occassionally spike for a while. Like shark attacks sometimes go up dramatically, or work place accidents.

    I have a close female friend who’s first sexual encounter was with a teacher in the 70′s. She subsequently married my buddy when she was 19 and has been married ever since. She has no bad feelings about her teen-age affair. Considers it a youthful indiscretion. However, I suspect that if she were in High School today, with all the information teen-agers have about how adults in their lives are supposed to behave, she probably would have made a bigger deal about it.

    That’s my point. Sort of like flatlander’s saying. People just didn’t shine a light on it before.

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