Video of spectacular NASCAR crash

The driver walked away unharmed. After a brief medical check, he was doing TV interviews.

NASCAR to its credit has made the so-called Car of Tomorrow safe enough for a driver to roll through such a wreck and complain only of being shaken up. Unfortunately, the rest of Sunday’s race was boring. It continued a trend of more boring races more often. Just give the trophy to Jimmy Johnson now. The 48 team is a juggernaut — one reason there’s not much drama left.

Here’s hoping NASCAR will figure out different wrinkles heading into the 2010 season to, uh, increase the octane of interest.

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3 Responses to Video of spectacular NASCAR crash

  1. Casey Shultz says:

    Thanks for posting this. :)

  2. Casey Shultz says:

    There was an extremely unlikely series of events involved in making that car roll like that. If you watch closely you can see that he #43 was moving just a little bit faster that the #20 when it was sideways and caused some roll. When the #43 was hit from behind it accelerated into the #20 broadside again at a particularly opportune moment to create the long series of rolls.

    The cars are designed in such a way that they are discouraged from leaving the track and that kind of roll was a crazy coincidence. Physics is a wonderful thing. Also, I watch NASCAR for the wrecks.

  3. Joey’s crash was pretty good, but you should check out the crash Ryan Newman had at Talladega this past weekend. I am just glad he was able to walk away, they had to cut the roof off of the car to get him out.

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