Town hall pathos not to be missed

Here is one of those “only in America” incidents. It happened at a health care town hall meeting in Las Vegas. A woman yells “Heil Hitler” at a Jewish man from Israel. Video from KLAS-TV.

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4 Responses to Town hall pathos not to be missed

  1. laytonian says:

    I doubt she understands the issue; she’s just another uninformed and uneducated parrot shouting at the top of her lungs.

    Or she’s someone’s pawn…..told to shout “Nazi” because they *know* it draws the cameras.

  2. Robert Emengert says:

    She didn’t appear to be too bright. What the hell does shouting “Heil Hitler” have anything to do with what the gentlemen was talking about, anyway?

  3. laytonian says:

    Shouting “Hitler” is the current anti-Obama fad, part of the “socialism” shouters……who don’t even realize that Hitler and socialism don’t even belong in the same sentence OR that they don’t even understand what socialism means.

    She looked like the woman who keeps showing up, claiming that Obama is “an Arab” or “I have a birth certificate issued by the United States of America”.

    Does ANYONE have a birth certificate issued “by the United States of America”?

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