Farewell, splash page and ancient laminator

The online production team here on the second floor of the Standard-Examiner building notched two important advancements this week.

Our programmers, designers, videographers, audio wizards, photobloggers and Web page churners first waved a sardonic goodbye to The Ancient Laminator. Our Circulation Department has been using a lamination machine that’s been owned by the company for almost as long as I’ve worked for the Standard. The device is used to laminate copies of obituaries published in the Standard-Examiner; a family placing an obit receives a laminated copy from us.

But the laminator emitted nostril-wincing fumes, and the online production work area was closest to ground zero. After a peaceful insurrection this week, the odorous machine was banished to a new home with far better air circulation in the newspaper’s Utah PrintWorks building.

Not content with the laminator victory, the production team swiftly executed a long-desired operation to kill the StandardNET splash page. The entryway to the standard.net site had served as an in-your-face traffic map for readers who wanted to browse our free news site, or log in to the paid digital edition, or e-paper. To help prepare for an imminent upgrade of the StandardNET technology platform, today was an ideal time to euthanize the splash page.

Watch for our newly constructed main site within the next few weeks. It’s built on the Drupal open-source programming language. We’re very excited about it because we think it will improve readability, utility and enjoyment for our visitors.

But please don’t mourn the demise of the splash page or the ancient laminator.

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2 Responses to Farewell, splash page and ancient laminator

  1. flatlander100 says:

    Congratulations, Comrade! The next task for the Peoples On Line Production Commune is to surge over the barricades, seize control of the “Content Center” and nail up banners announcing that it is, once again, proudly, and by action of The People, the Standard Examiner NEWSROOM.

  2. Di Lewis says:

    We would love nothing better.

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