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Farewell, splash page and ancient laminator

The online production team here on the second floor of the Standard-Examiner building notched two important advancements this week. Our programmers, designers, videographers, audio wizards, photobloggers and Web page churners first waved a sardonic goodbye to The Ancient Laminator. Our … Read More

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Aryan Nations a better heritage check for "birthers"

I’ve been trying to ignore the “birthers,” but earlier blog posts by Doug Gibson and Charles Trentelman got me thinking about why the mouth-breathers seem so especially despicable. Here it is: The birthers raving at congressional hearings and elsewhere remind … Read More

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F-22: Can we interest you in extended protection, sir?

The Senate killed funding for more F-22s today. The Standard-Examiner’s editorial this morning on the issue touched off a wild debate in the news story comments. These weapons systems brouhahas is Congress always remind me of the insurance and warranty … Read More

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My Good Samaritans: Who are you?

This post has nothing to do with government waste. No criminals, greedy politicians or crazy headphone ladies, even. Rather, I need readers’ help to find some people who helped me when I lost consciousness while jogging. I really need to … Read More

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