Another righteous hypocrite tumbles

Nevada Sen. John Ensign’s admission Tuesday that he went biblical with the wife of a legislative aide brought a shrug. Wow. Another politician fooled around. Next subject. But then I read the Washington Post story, which chronicled Ensign’s past righteous condemnations of sexually adventurous office-holders.

Ensign said President Clinton had “no credibility left” and should resign because of his intern affair. He said Idaho Sen. Larry Craig should resign after he got busted in an airport restroom sex sting.

Ensign joins a long line of champion hypocrites. He publicly assailed Clinton and Craig for doing what he’d be doing soon. Now, done with the campaign staffer he was bedding, he said Tuesday he’s deeply sorry. Sorry he got caught, you bet. At least Ensign didn’t drag his cheated wife to his mea culpa press conference, as New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer did after his liking for high-priced hookers was exposed.

The Nevada senator scouted Iowa a while ago, pondering a future run for the presidency, leveraging his “Republican rising star” credentials. He said Tuesday he’s going to be focused now on serving Nevada in the Senate.

You mean … he’s not going to resign? Hhm. Well, anyway, we might want to keep an eye on any politicians who jump up this week to demand his resignation.

Speaking of the hypocrisy, shamelessness and amorality we find so often in our political leaders, it’s also interesting to note this week that researchers have determined that politicians and serial killers share traits.

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  1. flatlander100 says:

    Why, you cynic, you, Mark S. You mean you don’t believe Ensign’s really a Family Values kinda guy? You mean his public role as a prominent member of “Promise Keepers” might have meant keeping promises to his mistress instead of his wife? I guess you are so blinded by partisanship that you simply can’t understand that Sen. Ensign was so committed to the joys of married life, that he wanted to experience wedded bliss with not only his own wife but with his friend;s wife as well.

    Sen. Ensign demanded President Clinton resign his office following his affair with Ms. Lewinski, because, Ensign said, the president had, by his adultery, forfeited the public’s trust and all credibility. Surely you don’t expect him now to follow his own advice to Clinton, and resign his office, do you? Don’t you understand that such standards apply, in Republican minds, only to Democratic officeholders? [Give Sen. Vitter a call. I'm sure he can explain it to you.]

    Have to admit, I’m not a nice person. I’m enjoying watching that sanctimonious hypocrite Ensign hoist on his own petard.

  2. Mike Licht says:

    John Ensign is a veterinarian. Is “Neuter and Spay the Only Way”?


  3. don says:

    This is a first for hypocrite Republicans- he did his dalliance with a woman, rather than a man or an animal.

  4. ctrentelman says:

    playing around is, sadly (or perhaps not so sadly) a politically neutral act. The problem for the Republicans is they have been so high and mighty when catching others at it even while they do the same thing.

    Newt Gingrich is the prime example — I trust his current wife keeps him on a very short leash — but this ding-dong is one of several who called on Larry Craig to resign. Really, people in congress have no shame at all — they are so focused on the public front they have to keep up that they forget the walls have ears.

  5. Michael Trujillo says:

    This is an interesting parallel discussion to Doug’s blog about people calling themselves Conservatives. Many folks call themselves conservative while voting for liberal issues just as many men call themselves faithful husbands while secretly tapping a co-worker or the au pair. What people call themselves and what they actually do are, more often than not, different. That’s why I don’t trust any poll that asks “Do you consider yourself Conservative/Liberal?” or “Are you a good and faithful husband?”

    (I don’t mean to imply that voting “liberal” is akin to tapping the babysitter.)

  6. Cathy says:

    Although I’ve known some honest local politicians, nothing that a politician does would surprise me. The job itself draws the worst element (like many police agencies, unfortunately the more dealings I have with them, the dimmer my view of them becomes)… those who could be trusted with that kind of power in society, who are honest, often don’t want the job. That goes hand in hand with your link about killers and politicians.

  7. laytonian says:

    Cathy, so who do you suggest should run our country, if all politicians are (as you claim) dishonest?

    Do you understand how our country works? Do you understand that it takes some give-and-take to get a bill passed?

    Jason “CotMan©” Chaffetz is learning quickly that it’s not as easy as he though – so he’s created a new word for “earmark”.

    The PROBLEM is that we keep re-electing the inept and dishonest.
    Orrin Hatch has his pockets lined by the “food additive” companies, so that their products are not tested the same way prescription drugs are.

    Hatch and Bennett claim to be conservative and against crime, yet they’re now defending 24 grave-robbing felons from Blanding. Maybe we should rob the graves of Hatch and Bennett’s ancestors?

    People who hate government, should NOT be trusted to run government. George Bush kept demeaning “Washington insiders”, yet he was the ultimate.

    He fooled you, didn’t he? You know you vote Republican because you just hate politicians and government.

  8. Cathy says:

    I suggest that WE run our country, instead of looking for government to protect us and take care of us. We are like sheep looking to be kept safe, and only the wolves really want the job. If we had different expectations of government, then perhaps the job would attract the honest, trustable people to represent us.

    Don’t project your hate on to me, I love everyone. That doesn’t mean I accept everything people do.

  9. laytonian says:

    How do “WE run our country”?

    Throw out the constitution and the rules of government?

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