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What will Davis deputies get next, mall-cop scooters?

Davis County officialdom can’t resist new toys for the sheriff’s office. The sheriff just picked up two Harley-Davidson motorcycles and three more canines, using money from private grants and the federal economic stimulus bill. The county also recently secured not … Read More

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Another righteous hypocrite tumbles

Nevada Sen. John Ensign’s admission Tuesday that he went biblical with the wife of a legislative aide brought a shrug. Wow. Another politician fooled around. Next subject. But then I read the Washington Post story, which chronicled Ensign’s past righteous … Read More

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Sonia, Michelle and we angry MAWGs

Rush Limbaugh and a female caller were patting themselves on the back today for their conclusion that minority women such as Michelle Obama and Sonia Sotomayor are angry. And that their anger is dangerous. Limbaugh and his caller went on … Read More

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