TV finales: Two out of four is kind of bad

SPOILER ALERT! If you’re a fan of LOST, 24, Fringe or Hell’s Kitchen and have not seen the season finale, don’t read this post.

Just now I’m sick of being sick of reading and thinking about swine flu, socialism, Dick Cheney, greedy bankers, Bob Bennett, Ogden’s uncontrolled forests of orange cones, Mark Shurtleff, gutless convicted murderers, and screaming protesters at Notre Dame’s commencement. So, I’m indulging in an escapist post about one of my favorite escapist pastimes: Cool network TV shows.

Four of my favorites wrapped up the season within the past week. Two were fabulous; two were disappointing slobbery kisses.

Fringe. Somewhat reminiscent of the X-Files, Fringe grew on me as the season developed. By the finale, it had become one of my favorites. Plus, the limited commercial breaks — perfect! The last episode left me gaping. The combination of scary dimensional travel, a cameo by Leonard Nimoy and the final scene panning out of the World Trade Center towers was a satisfying “Oh, man!” experience.

LOST. They set off a hydrogen bomb on the island and John Locke made a pincushion of Jacob. They expect us to wait until 2010 for the next season? Big shocks and lots of hanging suspense. Nice!

Hell’s Kitchen. It doesn’t much matter who wins the culinary crucible contest. The crazed and abusive Chef Ramsay and his motley gang of dysfunctional cooks provide an hour of nonstop hilarity each week. But I’m getting tired of my favorite chefs never winning. Every season it seems like the little arrogant puke edges out the solid, likable other finalist. So when Danny the shrimp beat Paula for this season’s win, I felt like going on a Ramsay rant. It’s RAW!

24. This was just not good. The final hour was dominated by excruciatingly longwinded touchy-feely sob sessions. The sinister apparent mastermind du jour was left alive for next season, smirking at his FBI captors, and Jack Bauer was put into a coma that could have been predicted halfway through the season when he got a dose of an incurable biological agent. This season was fairly lame, especially the second half.

Two satisfactory finales, two letdowns. I’ll have to live with a .500 average. … Hey, it’s baseball season!

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One Response to TV finales: Two out of four is kind of bad

  1. Doug Gibson says:

    The only show I watch of the four is 24, and I enjoyed it, even with tons of plot twists. My favorite scenes were Jack Bauer chewing out Jeanine Garafolo’s character!

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