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Nuns-and-yardsticks discipline may have a retro appeal

We got so much traffic on StandardNET Live Tuesday that our Web server suffered the equivalent of a migraine headache. The online traffic slam stemmed from Di Lewis’s story about student abuse at Plain City Elementary. Di’s yarn made the … Read More

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Utah Jazz: The posterizing must end

Utah coach Jerry Sloan said he was surprised by the “deer in the headlights” personality the Jazz exhibited in the first quarter Sunday against the Lakers. Losses and even blowouts, I can understand. But, guys, for the love of Jerry! … Read More

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Tax day freak-out, and where the money goes

What the heck, since some people are flipping out more than usual this year on the universally repugnant tax filing day, let’s drop in some fine print.

A co-worker, reacting this week to an unrelated office situation, offered this sage gem: “I wish they would not freak out, though. It freaks me out.”

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Utah legislators and freebies like death and taxes

They just can’t help themselves. Even amid unprecedented attention to legislative ethics this year, state lawmakers continued to wallow in gifts from lobbyists. An Associated Press story details freeloading during the 2009 legislative session. Whether tone deaf, clueless or arrogant, … Read More

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