Breaking news: Obama picks Utah to beat Arizona in NCAA tourney first round

Major news from Washington this morning as the president’s NCAA Tournament bracket is leaked bit by bit to the D.C. media.

Prez Cool, known for his no-rimmer three-point shot, picks Utah to beat Arizona in the first round Friday. He’s not swayed by the lemminglike, big-conference-loving ESPN and CBS pinheadocracy who are dismissing No. 5 seed Utah and predicting No. 12 Arizona will advance.

I could rant on about the dissing of the Mountain West and Western Athletic conferences by the coastal basketball hydra. But I’m just laughing, because Obama’s bracket is being covered like the run-up to the next war.

By the way, locals are invited to fill out their brackets on StandardNET. There’s an upfront contest and a round-by-round game.

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4 Responses to Breaking news: Obama picks Utah to beat Arizona in NCAA tourney first round

  1. not amused says:

    im glad you find it hilarious comparing obamas choices being “covered” to that of an on going battle to rid this world of the killers that ended the lives of 4000 ppl in a matter of minutes. but im sure “prez cool” would laugh right along with you.

  2. Mark Shenefelt says:

    Enjoy the tournament, n.a.

  3. i dont get it says:

    i dont get the \n.a\ part

  4. Mark Shenefelt says:

    Sorry, I was referring to n.a., the first responder, “not amused”.

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