Mustard Gas Runners Club

The only thing missing was a kid flying a kite in a park. Sixty degrees, a breeze to clear the smog, and a crystal view of our snowy mountains combined to make lunchtime nearly ideal today out on the Business Depot Ogden footpaths.

A two-mile jog around the depot was a mainline shot of spring fever. This is going to be good again this year. New sidewalks and more landscaping accompany the endless construction around the depot.

Every day as well pushes further into history the legacy of Defense Depot Ogden. This sprawling place helped America power World War II and subsequent wars, but a casual visitor would have little idea. Just a couple of decades ago they finished the biggest part of cleaning up the scary old gas weapons and junk they dumped / stored here.


Every time I take a jog around the depot, I think of all that EPA Superfund business, and what a great outcome for the community we’re experiencing now. I also often think of my maternal grandfather, who lost a lung in a German mustard gas attack in World War I. Hence, the name for my BDO jogging notes.

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  1. Charles Trentelman says:

    Um, Mark, you ARE aware that, on that walk, you easily go past one or two sites where they are still pulling pollutants out of the ground?

    Operative site 1 is out west of here on 200 north, or one of those. The second is just north of the Nature Center, south of that roundabout by the west fence.

    But, point taken, I do my walks around too and it is getting nicer. Any chance the Hershey people will be setting up a free chocolate booth for us?

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