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More pressure is on Obama with the fiscal cliff negotiations

There seems to be an assumption that with the fiscal cliff debate, President Barack Obama has the upper hand and that Republicans are under pressure to cave to the president’s demands for $250K-plus, or $400K-plus tax hikes and virtually no … Read More

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Obama beats the GOP on budget-battle manure spreading

No side is covering themselves with glory in the current fiscal cliff negotiations, but Republicans are far more honest with their proposal than President Obama is with his. The president is really stinking up negotiations with budget-battle manure.

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Congress should split the difference between Boehner, Reid debt plans

I was listening to Arthur Laffer on Fox News and, whether you agree with his Reagan-era curve he made perfect sense on how to resolve the debt limit imbroglio. Pass both the Boehner plan and the Reid plan and then … Read More

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