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Deception is what’s harming Obamacare the most

The Monday after Thanksgiving, I’ll go to amazon.com and buy a few gifts. So will millions of others. I go on Facebook daily, so do scores of millions of others. Everything works pretty seamlessly. I mention that because it’s been … Read More

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Gun control failed because it is not a voting issue to most Americans

There’s a lot of outrage today after the U.S. Senate failed to move a mild gun control measure toward further debate. A bipartisan measure from Sens. Pat Toomey and Joe Manchin to extend background checks to gun shows and weapons … Read More

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Week of sequester, Rand Paul might cause upheaval to the political norm

This has been a big week in politics. Two events occurred that have a strong potential to disrupt the political norm and effect major changes. The first was the collective public yawn over the sequester. The Obama administration, and its … Read More

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Most Americans are skeptical of the doom-and-gloom arguments against the sequester

You never know with Congress and the White House, but it seems to me there’s an excellent chance the sequestration cuts of $85 billion are going to happen on Friday. The president’s out there pitching against it, so is Rep. … Read More

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Obama beats the GOP on budget-battle manure spreading

No side is covering themselves with glory in the current fiscal cliff negotiations, but Republicans are far more honest with their proposal than President Obama is with his. The president is really stinking up negotiations with budget-battle manure.

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Romney’s grace after defeat may mitigate pain for many LDS supporters

(To see Cal Grondahl’s cartoon that goes with this post, click here.) Mitt Romney’s concession speech (here) was gracious, generous and conciliatory. It even impressed MSNBC talker Chris Matthews, who has spent the better part of a year accusing the … Read More

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The presidential election comes down to ‘Gallup’ versus ‘Silver’

As we get closer to the final weekend of the presidential race there’s still no trend that can be determined by looking at all the polls, no one candidate moving to a small but significant lead. Despite that, most supporters … Read More

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No need to debate … Romney easily handled Obama

Debate one is in the history books and it was a clear win for Mitt Romney over President Barack Obama. Romney was assertive without being mean, had a wide command of the facts, and simply outdebated Obama. Romney, for example, … Read More

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This is a surreal election season; so many have declared Obama the winner

It’s Sept. 20 and it’s a surreal election season. So many have assumed that President Obama has won re-election. Many of my liberal social media friends have move into full gloat mode. It’s over folks, Romney’s a loser, conservative pundits … Read More

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The result of this election will be mostly about President Obama

After the GOP convention last week, Mitt Romney received a small poll bounce — from the sole poll tracking likely voters — that will be gone by the time President Obama speaks at the Democratic Party convention on Thursday night. … Read More

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