Deception is what’s harming Obamacare the most

The Monday after Thanksgiving, I’ll go to and buy a few gifts. So will millions of others. I go on Facebook daily, so do scores of millions of others. Everything works pretty seamlessly. I mention that because it’s been four-plus weeks since the federal Obamacare insurance exchange began and it still doesn’t work like an amazon or Facebook does. What’s been reported since is that there were tests on the Obamacare site just days prior to its launch, with very few users, and the site crashed.

Nevertheless, Americans were assured by the Obama administration that the site would work, even though its designers, and the administrators, knew it would not. At best they were crossing their fingers, hoping for a miracle.

Eventually the site, I assume will work. I’m no expert on tech matters. I just want websites to work. And I don’t want to be lied to. That is the key harm to Obamacare and its future prospects. The people in charge, primarily the president of the United States, have been deceiving people.

A far bigger problem than the administration’s fudging of the website’s health is the deception offered by President Obama. On numerous occasions, he promised Americans that, if they so preferred, ¬†they could keep their health care plans and their doctors. That’s turned out to be false. It’s been reported that millions of Americans are having their insurance plans cancelled because they do not meet the standards of Obamacare.

Consider the above paragraph. You, as an individual, choose a health insurance plan that you want. (Never mind that you are falsely assured by the president you can keep it.) Suddenly, you learn that your plan can be arbitrarily cancelled because government experts have determined that you are too stupid to make your own decisions. What makes this even worse is that it’s been reported in the press (NBC news broke the story) that the president and Obamacare supporters, knew more than three years ago that the president’s promises were a lie. Tucked away in the law (the one Nancy Pelosi said we’d have to pass so we could what was in it) are estimates of how many insurance policies would be cancelled.

There’s another deception that is harming Obamacare. It’s the excess costs that many persons are discovering will come with the new policies. President Obama deceived Americans while pitching Obamacare, claiming the average family would save $2,500 a year on health care costs. That turned out to be false.

These are three significant liabilities to the new health care. All underscore that the pitch for the Affordable Health Care Act was significantly different from what the Affordable Care Act is. Clarence Page, a liberal pundit, casually referred to the president’s deception as “political lies.” It will be interesting to see what occurs over the next year with Obamacare. Many of its supporters hope that in one, five, and 10 years all of the deceptions will have been forgotten and that the new law will work. We will see.


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10 Responses to Deception is what’s harming Obamacare the most

  1. Brent Glines says:

    You think that a malfunctioning web site is the worst thing about Obamacare? I had a friend just tell me that their health insurance costs went up $18,000 per year, and on top of that, their deductable increased from $1000 to $5000 per year.

    When the they get the web site fixed, and people get a chance to experience the same sticker shock, THAT be when people REALLY start getting mad.

    Remember when the President promised everyone that under Obamacare, their premiums would drop by $2500?
    Yeah, that was another lie.

  2. Steve says:

    If we’re playing Anecdotes, then I’m including a friend in my writers group whose insurance costs went down $3500 per year with a new plan that gave her increased coverage.

    Here’s something that’s non-anecdotal that shows that the administration and the press were telling people about what conservatives, in their rush for an Anti-ACA Talking Point De Jour, are trying to ignore: namely, that this information came out in 2010 and was widely reported on then. Also, if you take a look at what’s actually happening, it’s the insurance companies who are cancelling grandfathered policies, not the government. If insurance companies wanted to, they could keep these grandfathered policies around forever and people could keep their insurance…but they don’t want to.

    But go ahead and froth and wail and gnash your terrible teeth. Because that’s all conservatives in America seem to be able to do anymore.

  3. Doug Gibson says:

    So what I’m hearing is that the insurance companies should not have raised their rates in order to meet the Affordable Care Act requirements. … Also, I am hearing that here are people who are benefiting financially, with lower rates, from the ACA. I guess we’ll have to wait to see if those getting free health care, or lower rates, outweigh the concerns of those who are paying more, and/or losing previous coverage.

    • Steve says:

      What you’re hearing is not what I’m saying…which isn’t unusual. I’m saying that insurance companies know how this all works and that they are consciously (for whatever reasons) choosing to invalidate grandfathered policies. I have no problem with you being angry with insurance companies for doing this, it’s kind of a sleazy move; but I do think it’s extremely disingenuous to infer from insurance company behavior that President Obama is a liar.

    • Steve says:

      Also, if you’ll read the article I linked to you’ll discover that insurance companies *could* raise their rates but the rise could not exceed a certain percentage without invalidating the grandfathered policies. So the insurance companies chose to raise rates to a level that would invalidate the policies.

  4. Tom says:

    Sorry to see you indulging in the favorite TeaParty propaganda and out right lies – starting with the logical fallacy that buying a book on Amazon is equal to buying insurance on the Gummint’s web site. One is a simple straight forward proposition and the other is a very complicated series of steps and interactions with various other web sites that has to be taken to finally buy insurance. You of course then go on to repeat several other TinHat myths, all of which are far below your known integrity and talent.

    It doesn’t take a genius to recognize the site is extremely problematic and it also doesn’t take one to troll out these ridiculous right wing talking points. It does however take a little bit of sense and integrity to recognize that there is a huge underlying need for decent and affordable health care insurance options for the millions of Americans who have been shut out of the system until now, and that the ACA is the first thing to ever come along to address those very real and life saving needs.

    The only thing really wrong with the underlying ACA law is that it is not a single payer program. Regardless of that, it will be a godsend and life saver to millions of our brothers and sisters in America, many who suffer and die needlessly for lack of health insurance.

  5. Jim W says:

    Interesting take from, of all places, New York magazine – a compilation of the “if you like your plan you can keep your plan” lie.

  6. Ben Pales says:

    A couple of thoughts I have Doug that may surprise you. First, for those that don’t know me, I am an avowed Democrat, and very active in the Party. Second, I have been a big Obama supporter in the past. With that being said, here I go.

    Doug you are right on most of your points. The website is a mess. Millions of dollars have been thrown at the development and implementation, and it is obvious that millions more will have to be spent to make the website useable. The President made promises that if you like your plan, you could keep your plan. That, as it turns out, was also wrong. The President knew that people who had insurance plans that they liked, would loose those plans. All of these things are true, and it sucks.

    Why would the administration allow this website to go live without appropriate testing? Why would the administration sell the deception of you could keep your old plan? In my view, there are several reasons why. First, the ACA is Obamas crowning achievement, it will be his legacy. It must be seen as a success no matter what hiccups or challenges are placed in the way. Every piece must be seen as a masterpiece of social engineering, no matter how non sensible some parts really are. Because of this, there is no room today for improvement. Secondly, in the war with Republicans, there can be no quarter. If the administration were to delay the individual mandate, because the website had glitches, that would be a win for the Republicans. In today’s Washington that can not happen no matter what. There can be no win win for either party. Only all out destruction of the other side will suffice! Neither side is capable as a whole of doing something to wholly benefit the American public, because it may inadvertently give a win to your opponent. So, the public will have to suffer with idiotic issues that could be solved rather easily, because neither side can give an inch. It’s all unbelievably stupid!

  7. Karen says:

    My son-in-law is a student and is covered by his University’s insurance program. However, he and my daughter elected to pay for private insurance for the rest of the family because they have a special needs child that was better served through their private insurance. My daughter was recently notified that she (and the kids) were to be dropped from her private insurance and they were advised to seek coverage under the ACA. Now she finds that she has no choice but to accept Obamacare because there are no other private insurance options available to her. You are right about the deception, and it is what bothers me the most. Through no fault of her own my daughter has been stripped of her own insurance, she loses the option of choosing to stay with some of her doctors, and, in her words, the greater tragedy is that she and my son-in-law lose the right to be responsible for their own family. They won’t have to pay for Obamacare (because of their income level), but they take no pleasure in that concept. They liked feeling like they were making a responsible choice to care for their own needs by paying for private insurance.

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