An electoral college tie brings a Romney, Biden prez and vp

I still think that in this last week of the presidential campaign one candidate will move slightly ahead — perhaps 2 or 3 points — in the aggregate polls and use that momentum for a narrow but solid win in a week. However, with the race so close nationally and in the swing states, many news organizations have broached the slim possibility of President Obama and Mitt Romney tying in the electoral college tally, with 269 votes apiece. If this occurs, Romney will be the next president, but it’s likely his vice president would be Joe Biden.

Here’s why: In the event of a tie, the U.S. House of Representatives votes to determine a president. The Republicans have a majority in that chamber in both┬ámembers and state majorities. However, the U.S. Senate votes for the vice president. Currently, the Democrats control the U.S. Senate. With a 269 tie, it’s a fair assumption that the majority would stick with Biden.

Wouldn’t that be an interesting Odd Couple in the White House. Again, it’s unlikely, and if a 269-269 split occurred, all chaos could result, particularly if an elector for one of the candidates switched his or her vote, or if there were mass demonstrations in favor of the popular vote winner …

But that’s what would likely happen if the candidates split the electoral vote. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen. We need a clear winner on Nov. 6.

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2 Responses to An electoral college tie brings a Romney, Biden prez and vp

  1. Decider says:

    Perhaps, when Romney declared his opposition to FEMA, God intervened in the election with an object lesson. God 1, Romney 0 )

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