No need to debate … Romney easily handled Obama

Debate one is in the history books and it was a clear win for Mitt Romney over President Barack Obama. Romney was assertive without being mean, had a wide command of the facts, and simply outdebated Obama. Romney, for example, was able to portray “RomneyCare,” as an alternative to “ObamaCare.” He also hammered the president over the $716 billion in Medicare cuts in the health care law and repeatedly reminded Obama about scores of billions of dollars spent in green jobs initiatives that have failed to yield results.

Obama’s body language was poor. He rarely looked at Romney and often had his eyes somewhat downcast. Perhaps he was overconfident? He has two other opportunities to improve.

Readers need not take my word that Romney won this debate. Witness the despair of MSNBC’s Chris Matthews (here) or read the live blogging of another Obama fan, Andrew Sullivan (here).

A couple of quick polls, here and here, also tag Romney as the winner. You can watch the debate here.

Moderator Jim Lehrer has become the scapegoat of many on the left upset at the debate. My response, as I posted on Facebook, is “Is it at all possible that Romney knows the issues very well and presented his points more effectively than the president?”


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18 Responses to No need to debate … Romney easily handled Obama

  1. Mark Shenefelt says:

    And suddenly credence is being given to polls.

    • Doug Gibson says:

      Of course, I’m assuming for the same “party identification” disparity of many previous polls. That is what likely makes it more interesting. Just kidding, the comments of Matthews and Sullivan are far more persuasive evidence as to who had the better debate.

  2. ctrentelman says:

    I love how the debates put the lie to the constant refrain that “All we want is someone who will tell us the truth and skip the hype.”

    Nope, we want someone who puts on a good show.

  3. Steve Stones says:

    I seem to remember the news media claiming John Kerry the winner in at least the first debate with George Bush in 2004. We all know where that lead to. Don’t lick your chops just yet Doug.

    • Doug Gibson says:

      I completely agree, Steve, with your point. I’m old enough to remember that Walter Mondale whipped Ronald Reagan in their first debate.

      • Michael Trujillo says:

        Doug, at your age, when Mondale debated Reagan the first time, why weren’t you out chasing girls or watching Walter Payton break Jim Brown’s rushing record?

        I worry about you, friend.

        • Doug says:

          I’d only been home from my LDS mission for about a couple of weeks, I was still trying to get back into a normal life.

  4. Erick says:

    I enjoyed the debate more than most. I think overall it was a fairly even matched discussion, where Romney had mabey two strong points that put him on top. But as far as debates go, both were articulate, assertive, but overall they were both evenly composed.

    The points Romney made that had the most ressonance with me were:

    1) Regardless of what your socio-political ideology is on health care, the last four were the wrong time to impose employer mandates. Anyway you look at it, it is a cost constraint on business, and business ultimately pays for every sector of health care financing. At bare minimum the timing was bad, and the President should have been focused on increasing employment.

    2) Again regardless of your philosophy on energy, the specific business’s that recieved federal money turned out to be very bad investments.

    I struggle with the debates just a little, because I understand the points, 30,000 ft level, but frankly both sides make these cost assertions that I really have no way of verifying. As Romney pointed out, each side can produce studies that show that x-policy will have y-effect, but unless the average American has the wherewithal to assess the strong and weak points of a particular assertion, we are just guessing. They also take several liberties on assuming the cause and effect of economic policy, by trying to anticipate human behavior. I generally get the logic behind the various arguments, but struggle to know how we can really predict which causation is more likely. In sum, it would be nice to try and “be informed on the issues” but even if you’re informed, it’s difficult to assess that information and convert it to quality decision making.

  5. Tom says:

    Wellll, Romney sure won – if you only count the aggressiveness of his delivery. However, if you factor in his lying and manipulation of facts and figures I don’t think it was a win at all. He is for sure one of the great adherents to the big lie technique. He just keeps repeating and repeating them and sure enough, his mindless followers lap it all up as the truth! Goebbels was right on that working with some of the population – the non critical thinking ones.

    So the Mitster might have won this one on style, but it is only in your’s and his demented dreams that he will win the big enchilada the first week of November!

  6. Steve Stones says:

    The President’s problem was that he looked down at his podium too much as if he was too timid to engage Romney. He tries too hard not to come across as aggressive, mean, or arrogant. Perhaps he was advised not to come across as an “angry black man?”

  7. LasvegasRichard says:

    President Obama spent the last 3 days down here. Within the first 2 minutes it was evident that he was way too relaxed. Was that a strategy ? None the less Romney was way too generic and speculative. Fast forward to November . I think we are all there anyway.

  8. Midwinter says:

    I listened to the debates while out walking the dog, and I thought they sounded pretty evenly matched and pretty wonky (although I long for an actual moderator!). It sounds like, to those watching, Obama looked terrible—and if his body language really was that bad, I can see how folks would think he “lost.”

    One moment that made me guffaw, though, was Romney’s comment about Big Bird. I thought, “Oh man. How many women did you just lose?” The Obama camp is going to make a lot of hay with that one.

    • Brent Glines says:

      Bigbird? OK. A friend posted this on Facebook this morning, but it applies.

      16 Trillion in debt.
      Largest tax increase on the middle class in HISTORY about to hit.
      No budget passed in well over 1000 days.
      …Over 40 months of more than 8% unemployment.
      90 days away from Sequestration, which will cost another 200,000 jobs.
      Nuclear Iran.
      American Ambassador murdered and dragged through the streets of Libya, by people we likely armed, in the absence of a government we helped overthrow.
      One Border Patrol agent, possibly two, murdered with the Fast & Furious weapons we walked across the border.
      Administration coverups about the previous two points.

      But yes, by all means, let’s talk about a desire to borrow money in order to fund Sesame Street, which makes huge profits in licensing fees, on a network which only gets 20% of its funding from the government (taxpayers) to begin with.


      • Midwinter says:

        “16 Trillion in debt.”

        Yup. That sucks. And there’s plenty of blame to go around.

        “Largest tax increase on the middle class in HISTORY about to hit.”

        No. It’s not.

        “No budget passed in well over 1000 days.”

        I think there’s plenty of blame to go around on this one.

        “…Over 40 months of more than 8% unemployment.”


        “90 days away from Sequestration, which will cost another 200,000 jobs.”

        Not gonna happen. The GOP will crank the crazy up to eleven and the Dems will cave.

        “Nuclear Iran.”

        Not if Israel keeps killing their scientists.

        “American Ambassador murdered and dragged through the streets of Libya, by people we likely armed, in the absence of a government we helped overthrow.”

        A terrible tragedy. Was he dragged through the streets? I hadn’t heard that.

        “One Border Patrol agent, possibly two, murdered with the Fast & Furious weapons we walked across the border.”


        “Administration coverups about the previous two points.”

        Not even gonna touch that one.

      • Ian says:

        Anyone that thinks Obama is responsible for 16 trillion in debt is either uninformed or a liar.

  9. Gil M says:

    No doubt, Willard won the first debate. However, he’s still the big underdog. I’m gonna vote for him as if it matters. Mitt will win big in Utah.

  10. Howard Ratcliffe says:

    Obama could have asked Mitt to explain Adam-ondi-Ahman; telling the world the Garden of Eden is in Independence MS would have helped.
    He could have asked to see George Romney’s Naturalization Records; accusing Mitt of ineligibility would have helped
    He could have asked him to explain using El Salvadoran money to fund Bain; they were financing Iran-Contra Death Squads after all; that would have helped.
    How about stealing $8.5Billion with his son Tagg and Spencer Zwick from Stanford Capital?
    How about Mitt in a Yarmulke at Herod’s Wailing Wall last month? or his partnership at Boston Consulting with Looney Tune Cartoon artist Benjamin Netanyahu?
    Obama’s debate was like watching Pete Rose baseball game

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