Most Americans are more reasonable on abortion issue than President Obama

Abortion is a contentious issue, but there are stances within the debate that most Americans can agree on. For example, most Americans would support laws banning sex-selection abortions. Most Americans favor parental notification if an underage daughter is going to have an abortion. Most Americans don’t want their tax dollars used for abortions. Americans, overwhelmingly, oppose third-trimester partial birth abortions. The Democratic Party is institutionally at odds with the above-mentioned positions.

This is worth noting because the entire Republican Party has been hammered — with reason, thanks in part to an idiot pol from Missouri — for its convention’s platform that is silent on abortion as an option in the cases of rape and incest. It’s also fair to say that most of the GOP base opposes abortion in the first trimester of a pregnancy. These are two positions where most Americans would disagree with the Republican Party.

However, Mitt Romney is already on the record as saying that if – in the very unlikely event – a GOP-led Congress submitted to him a bill banning abortion as an option for rape and incest, he would veto it. (read)

On the other hand, it’s very safe to assume that if given the opportunity to sign a bill that overturned the ban on partial birth abortion, President Obama would sign it, and likely include a celebratory signing ceremony with many fellow Democrats. The president’s position on abortion is well out of the mainstream. As an Illinois state senator he literally stood alone in opposing a bill to prevent babies who survived partial-birth abortion attempts from being left to die. (watch)  Obama’s main concern was that a viable infant/fetus might have legal protections. This is the wording in the law that Obama found objectionable: “A live child born as a result of an abortion shall be fully recognized as a human person and accorded immediate protection under the law.”(read)

Gallup notes that 50 percent of Americans consider themselves pro-life, 41 percent consider themselves pro-choice. This same Gallup poll notes that 86 percent of Americans believe abortion should be illegal in the third trimester. President Obama’s stance on abortion, unlike Mitt Romney’s, is very extreme.

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15 Responses to Most Americans are more reasonable on abortion issue than President Obama

  1. Brent Glines says:

    “…its [Republican] convention’s platform that opposes abortion in the cases of rape and incest.”

    Doug, I think this is a false statement. I may have missed it, but the Republican Party Platform does not oppose abortion in these cases. The platform is silent on the subject.

    If silence on the subject amounts to opposition to the practice, then the 2008 Democratic Party Platform also opposed it, since it was likewise silent on the subject. (I was unable to find the 2012 D Party Platform. Perhaps it will not be released until the D convention).

    Don’t believe everything you read or are told. You are usually better at researching things like this.

  2. Doug Gibson says:

    You are right, I will change it to silent on the subject. However, there are prominent pols in the GOP who are opposed to an abortion option for rape and incest.

    • Brent Glines says:

      This isn’t a great deal better, since as I last said, the 2008 Democratic Platform is also silent on the subject. Should not the entire Democratic party be hammered for the same reasoning. You logic in the second paragraph is fundamentally flawed.

  3. Steve Stones says:

    Mr. Glines is up to his old tricks of always being right again. LOL

  4. Midwinter says:

    So is the idea here that beating the abortion drum will get the white evangelicals to come out for Romney?

  5. Myth Buster says:

    What if Ham’s mother had aborted Canaan because of incest?
    What if Abraham made his 90 yr old wife Sarah get an abortion?
    Thank God Joseph didn’t make his virgin wife Mary get an abortion eh?
    Thou shalt not kill. It’s simply not our decision to make.
    Heck what would Masons do if Bashemath had aborted King David’s illegitimate child Solomon?

    • Reconing says:

      Your example would carry water if any of those stories actually occurred. Try quoting real examples that undoubtedly occurred. Or does the bible discourage thinking?

  6. ScottH says:

    As a child I once saw two rival groups of abortion protesters at the state capitol. I asked my dad what it was all about. Instead of answering directly he asked what differences I could tell between the two groups if I ignored their signs. From my kid perspective they all looked pretty much the same—and pretty angry. Dad asked me if I wanted to be like either of these groups. I concluded that they looked too scary to be inviting. Dad then tried to help me understand that both groups were representing two different sets of extreme views and that most people didn’t accept either of those sets of views. It’s a lesson I have never forgotten.

  7. Preston says:

    Excellent column. I learned about this in 2008 and never needed to know another detail about Obama to know he was a piece of poo and would make a terrible president.

  8. Myth Buster says:

    The helpless Child who is vacuumed from his mother’s womb may feel Abortion is a little un-reasonable.

  9. Stephen M. Cook says:

    Most Americans today are desperate ignorant idiots, who live a life similar to the family on the television program Honey Boo Boo.
    Never look to the lowest common denominator for peer validation of what you already think to be factual.

    It makes you look like Archie Bunker.

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