More workers went on disability than got jobs in June

In June, 80,000 American workers managed to get a job, and a third of those were temp workers. On the other hand, more workers — 85,000 — quit the work force and went on Social Security disability. The economy sucks, period, and that will be the dominant theme of the presidential campaign season. The health care reform law, Bain Capital, Fast & Furious, Swiss bank accounts, all are bit players despite the headlines they garner. The candidate who somehow provides positive vibes economically will win.

In my opinion, the race will stay close through the fall and, as the election draws near, maybe even the last week of the campaign, one candidate will close the sale with enough independents to score a clear win.

If President Obama is re-elected, it’s difficult to see what steps he can take on the economy that would pass a Republican Congress. My guess is that the president would like to follow economist/columnist Paul Krugman’s advice and put through a huge stimulus spending program for 2013. I see that same advice offered by more and more liberal political talking heads on TV news. But that will never pass a GOP Congress, and the president seems to realize it. So far, all he offers to stimulate the economy are Keynesian-lite stuff that mostly benefits public unions.

Romney, too, is hamstrung by any initiatives he might propose. Repealing the health care law won’t be successful. Voters will only settle for a replacement of the health care law that retains parts the public wants and resolves the high inflationary costs. So far, the GOP has not been successful in 1) crafting a health care reform plan, and 2) convincing the public that they even realize there is a health care insurance problem in the U.S. A straight “repeal” of the entire law would be a political disaster.

Also, mandatory federal budgets cuts are due after the election. They were part of a compromise deal on planned budget cuts. Also, the debt ceiling will soon be reached again. It’s hard to imagine Congress having the courage to actually enact the mandatory cuts and pols will scream that children will die if the debt ceiling is not lifted. The only bipartisan consensus it seems, is to raise the deficit and refuse to place a limit on general spending or enact deficit cuts. Such issues as health care reform, stimulus, and likely tax reform, are reserved as dueling talking points for both sides to whip up their base and engage in Washington D.C. stalemates that accomplish nothing. Meanwhile, the economy drags. 


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  1. rls says:

    – doug, you’re right — we’ll be getting more stalemates that accomplish nothing, no matter who wins — and that doesn’t bode well for the future of the country — i wonder what disasters await us as a result of such inaction …

  2. ScottH says:

    Given what our politicians tend to do when most of the Democrats and the Republicans in Washington DC agree on something, I’m not sure that a stalemate is such a bad thing.

  3. Brent Glines says:

    Liberals complain about stalemates when they can’t get their way. When they are blocking conservative initiatives, they like stalemates just fine.

  4. laytonian says:

    …..and when the Republicans clearly state that their #1 goal is to defeat Barack Obama, that makes them anti-American seditionists.

    Our only hope, is to re-elect Obama AND give him the control of Congress that he had for only a few short months in 2009.

    We need a filibuster-proof Senate (61 Democrats).

    • Brent Glines says:

      Nonsense – that’s politics. That’s why we have elections. Don’t be silly.

    • Mark says:

      Seditionists? Really? Wanting to “defeat” Obama, or Bush, or the Cosmic Muffin, is not “sedition”. It is rooted in normally well-founded concerns over policy and predication. In Obama’s case, it is skyrocketing deficits, uncontrolled spending, exploding government size and interference (Obamacare), public sector rampages (think GSA, Fast and Furious), etc. Perhaps these issues are non-entities to you. To most people, defeating individuals who are determined to advance such practices, even while having he advantage of seeing the inevitable results in Europe, are more the “seditionist” than those who would oppose it.

    • REALIST says:

      You “Sir” must be out of your mind…Obama is destroying America…and you would wish him to have carte blanche control? You are grotesquely ignorant of what he has done and plans to do if reelected. You should educate yourself as quickly as possible!

      • willy says:

        whats your problem realist? so far he’s only turned gmac over to the unions and setup a group called the occupiers to call on to disrupt society when they get the call. i mean, he hasnt even confiscated your guns yet.

    • Johnny DoeBoy says:

      laytonian says:
      July 11, 2012 at 11:50 am
      …..and when the Republicans clearly state that their #1 goal is to defeat Barack Obama, that makes them anti-American seditionists.
      Our only hope, is to re-elect Obama AND give him the control of Congress that he had for only a few short months in 2009.
      We need a filibuster-proof Senate (61 Democrats).

      You are a real dope.
      Defeating a LIBERAL is ALWAYS the #1 goal of a conservative, you moronic dupe. Just as libtards MUST defeat republicans.
      YOU are anti American, pal, for the very fact that you would dismiss the way this Constitutional Republic was created and operates. If you dont like politics and having your messiah voted out then pack your socialist @@@ up and move to Canada or France and get the $### out of our country, traitor.

      Obama will lose the election in November. You heard it here first.
      There is ONE reason the man hasnt been impeached and no one wants to talk about it or admit it, but had he been any other man it would have already happened.

  5. joe glass says:

    Defeating Obama is the only American thing to do. Defeating the enemy of America is not Sedition, voting for him is. Civil war is not a good thing but prehaps a necessary one. November will tell.

    • Decider says:

      Let’s see. Maybe two F-15′s from Hill could be diverted for fifteen minutes, from their practice bombing and straffing runs in the desert , to spend a few moments on neighborhoods of local traitors and seditionists who oppose the UNITED States of America — Voila! No more Civil War!

      • Brent Glines says:

        There are no F-15′s assigned to Hill AFB. Currently, Hill’s two fighter wings fly F-16′s. But thanks for trying.

        • Decider says:

          A 30 second video entitled — “Two F-15′s fly by FROM Hill AFB – You Tube” will hopefully not exceed your attention span by too many seconds — if you care to verify.

          I have seen ALL kinds of Air Force “hardware” land and take off FROM Hill Air Force Base without for a second thinking that they were “assigned” there — why do you?

          Don’t try so hard!

          • Brent Glines says:

            Lot’s of jets come to visit, Decider, but only F-16′s are assigned. F-15′s that come to visit are from Luke, Langley, and elsewhere. They are not, as you stated, ‘from Hill’.

          • Decider says:

            Presumably the F-15′s that “come to “visit” HAFB will sometime have to take off FROM HAFB. Let me write that again, . . . take off FROM HAFB.

            The video I alluded to ALSO was entitled “Two F-15′s fly by FROM Hill Air Force Base”.

            Of course, I stated “from Hill” because that is the way English speaking people can use the language when they describe even “visiting” planes leaving the base.

            Assuming that “from Hill” MUST mean “assigned to Hill”, is wrongheaded belligerent nonsense, which means you will be penalized by having to sit at the Myth Buster lunchroom table for a week!

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  9. Brent Glines says:

    Doug posted this on his Facebook page, but it’s applicable here as well. America’s coming civil war — makers vs. takers..

  10. Jay says:

    laytonian, you’re an idiot. First, he had control of both houses of Congress from Jan ’09 until Jan ’11. Second, until Scott Brown’s election, he had a filibuster proof majority in the Senate (60 votes are necessary to invoke cloture and end debate).

  11. Brent Glines says:

    I try so hard for the benefit of other readers of these blogs who may be unfamiliar with how things work, and may be fooled by something stupid you write.

    Even passing over the stupidity of your initial premise, that the USAF would launch combat strikes against civilians for political purposes, or your stupidity in believing crews would accept such blatantly illegal orders, there is the issue of command and control.

    Most aircraft visiting Hill are generally here either for depot maintenance, or passing through while flying cross country. Hill has no operational control over these aircraft, and thus cannot task them to do anything. Their tasking would have to come from the organizations from where they are assigned.

    Someone has to protect the public from your stupidity. Fortunately, it’s not a strenuous task.

    • Decider says:

      “Is a Civil War imminent? Do we have to shed blood to reform the current system? I hope that it doesn’t come to that. But it might.”
      -Timothy Mcveigh

      “Civil War is not a good thing but perhaps a necessary one.”
      -Joe Glass

      Any American who talks sedition and encourages treasonous insurrection against the United States, in my estimation, becomes an American terrorist and ENEMY of the country. Anti-terrorism laws make it perfectly clear that these traitors will be dealt with in a harsh and expedient way — there are numerous examples of the USAF and entire military using its most lethal measures against terrorists, both American and foreign, wherever they might be harbored.

      It is shameful that terrorists of this kind are offered “aid, comfort and assistance” by SOME in the conservative community who cloak their sympathies by writing about a “desire to protect others” while seeking the downfall of the country.

      “I try so hard . . . it’s not a strenuous task.”

      Glines needs to decide which is his favorite comic book hero — Batman, Superman, Spiderman, The Hulk — they ALL are legends in their own mind!

      • Johnny DoeBoy says:

        And by the same token ANY American citizen who takes an OATH to uphold the Constitution of the United States IN WHOLE and AS it is written and INTENDED is a traitorous dog who should be removed from any office they hold, have their citizenship taken from them and deported to any foreign country who will take their traitorous @@@.

        These people have their authority ONLY BECAUSE OF the Constitution of the United States. Without that document they have NO authority whatsoever, so it is in their best interest to UPHOLD it on EVERY point.

      • Johnny DoeBoy says:

        And by the same token ANY American citizen who takes an OATH to uphold the Constitution of the United States IN WHOLE and AS it is written and INTENDED and then REFUSES to do so is a traitorous dog who should be removed from any office they hold, have their citizenship taken from them and deported to any foreign country who will take their traitorous @@@.

        These people have their authority ONLY BECAUSE OF the Constitution of the United States. Without that document they have NO authority whatsoever, so it is in their best interest to UPHOLD it on EVERY point.

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  13. Brent Glines says:

    The tens of thousands of military and civilian personnel employed at Hill AFB are well aware that Decider’s original comment was a stupid one. Any veteran would be equally convinced of the stupidity of Decider’s comment. Now, I think there is a reasonably good chance that the casual reader of this blog will also consider Decider’s comment to be stupid as well.

    Given that Decider is prone to making stupid comments, it may be that readers of the Nothing Standard blogs will be justified in considering anything Decider might have to say in the future might be equally stupid, absent convincing evidence to the contrary.

    All in all, I think that makes my time in making my comments well spent, indeed. Decider will disagree, of course, but since he’s the one making stupid comments, I think that can be safely disregarded.

    Now if anyone can make a convincing argument that Decider’s original comment was NOT supremely stupid, I’d be interesting in hearing it. Convince me.

    In the meantime, I remain unimpressed.

    • Decider says:

      What “Tens of thousands of military and civilian personnel employed at HAFB” and “veterans” of the US military have in common is their sworn allegiance to The United States of America, NOT Glines’ lunacy that he is a spokesman for ANY of them — what a breathtaking combo of meglomania AND stupidity!

      IMAGINING hords of worshipful disciples placidly nodding assent, is a fantasy that Glines enjoys when he is destitute of arguments and rebuttals — he even imagines that others need to IMPRESS him . . . the emperor of delusions needs satisfaction NOW! NOW! NOW!

      • Brent Glines says:

        Do you think this comment is any less stupid than any of your previous comments?

        Carry on, but recall the First Rule of Holes.

        I see no one has yet come to your defense. Must be heartbreaking for you.

        • Decider says:

          Sometimes I wander the aisles of Deseret Industries. Sometimes I play around with reloading equipment or play a round of golf. Once in a while I’ll even clean up the yard — sometimes I’ll read something or write something on an SE blog or another.

          I have no need to be defended by others — I am suspicious about those who do, and would rather they wrote something interesting of their own instead of “dittoing” whatever I wrote.

          If you IMAGINE there is any glory or popularity to be achieved from writing here, I consign it ALL to you — it should go where it’s most sought!

      • AmericanCitizen says:

        Actually Decider, it is you who are delusional if you think the Commander In Chief would not or could not declare war on the citizens. He has written an executive order allowing him to take sole control of all transportation, utilities, food, everything everyone needs to survive in this country at any time, including PEACETIME. That is why there is an organization, subscribed to by MANY military personnel, called ‘The Three Percenters’. If even military personnel are subscribing to this organization, which states it’s cause as NOT FIRING ON CITIZENS then i think your own socialist views are quite lacking in any integrity or vision. This President has done absolutely nothing but circumvent Congress and any other political process put in place to protect the people of this country, time and time again. Will there be a civil war? I believe we are VERY close to one now. Furthermore, it is NOT treasonous to stand up for our rights under the Constitution against ANY president, politician or political party. If our rights are indeed trampled upon further, I personally will do all within my power to see that this wrong is not only righted, but that it does NOT happen in the future. And I’m just an old fashioned grandma who has never hurt anyone or tried to retaliate in violence for any reason, upon anyone! But, I DO refuse to allow this country to be torn asunder by crooked politicians, socialist degenerates and citizens who would rather turn a blind eye to what is going on in this country today. My family have fought for the freedoms of this country for many generations and through several wars. I have childrn serving right now in fact. They have all served believing in the Constitution and our right to freedom under it’s protection. I will NOT stand idly by and watch all that they have suffered go to naught for idiots like yourself who feel that anyone that disagrees with YOUR ideals is acting in a seditious or treasonous manner and committing terrorism by ensuring that our Constitution not only continues as the law, but takes up arms, as is our right under the Constitution if need be, to defend it against said politicians and despots of freedom such as yourself.

        • Decider says:

          Actually your complaints are with the first REPUBLICAN President of The United States, Abraham Lincoln, who “made war on citizens” by finding it necessary to suspend the writ of habeas corpus during a time of rebelion and national emergency; eliminating the rights of some to protect the welfare and safety of the many — protecting the general welfare is a SOCIALISTIC Constitutional principal that Lincoln took very seriously and that I personally vigorously defend.

          I realize that you haven’t a clue what ‘socialism’ is or isn’t, and are far beyond being educated or handicaping yourself with a knowledge of any facts — spitting up on people is what you do and what gets you attention.

          Remember Sherman’s march to the sea and how Lincoln had to bring the Confederate citizenery to its knees just to create a “more perfect UNION”. NOTHING so strengthened the Federalization of The United States and concentrated power to the President like the lunatic fringe of States Rights zealots who made the bloody Civil War nightmare a necessity.

          • Decider says:

            American Citizen

            You do realize that taking ANY of that “socialized” Social Securuty money and Medicare benefits will make you into a HYPOCRITICAL Social degenerate!?!?

        • Mark Sparkman says:


          Are you really sugesting that, should your side lose the presidential election, that you would take up arms against the duly elected, Consitutionally recognized government? If so, I have two responses:

          1) Get a grip on your emotions. Everybody has to go through periods when “their guy” is not in power. Believe me, the left suffered the same thing when George W. Bush was president. Armed resistance to duly constituted authority will bring nothing but pain. Which brings me to my second point,
          2) We will not let you overthrow the U.S. government. I don’t give a damn how many wars your family fought in. You think to take my American way of life away, just because you feel some policy decisions didn’t go your way? You want to, in the infamous words of one American “savior”, “burn the village in order to save it.” No thanks, lady!
          One addendum: I bet you won’t respond to this.

          • Mark Sparkman says:

            Just a note, guys:

            The AmericanCitizen has not responded, as predicted. I wish she would.

          • William Tipton says:

            Well, thankfully Obamas worthless presidency is nearly over and we can get the next idiot in line into the White House so he can do his damage for the next 4 years.

            I’d have voted for a dog to get that dope Bush out of the White house….and now Id vote for ANYONE or ANYTHING to get this goofball out.

            We dont have decent choices anymore…we have the lesser of two evils.

          • WOW says:

            I have been reading for 30 mins now. It has to be, if you you are saying you will do this. And vise/ verse. I just have to say Da#n! I don’t think Grandma is saying if her side losses. I think she is saying that if her or the peoples rights in the Consitution are screwed with she will take up arms to protect herself and others. Yes I think obama is a bad prez. That don’t mean I will do bad things because my side lost. If you are Dem or Rep, the best interests of this country should be on your mind. So, with that note, there are a lot of people that are not reading or watching tv/ the internet. Because if you where you would know what obama is not doing to help this country. I just think its time for some one else to have a go at it. That my do a better job. Yes I black, no I am not racist, Yes I am Republician and yes this is after the election. But none that matters if our country is not headed in the right direction, and it is not. So, yes I believethere will be a civil war again. Yes I will fight, for the rights of grandma, you me and anyone else that believes in the U.S. Consitution. By the way its narrow minded people like yourself that answer to post like grandma’s post. That it was very clear that she is just a Great American who is ready to stand up for her rights as one.

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  15. taylor says:

    I realize my educational background might not be as keen as yours when it comes to the Constitution and Government affairs. I am only a dual degreed scientist. What I do know is that written in our Constitution is a clause that allows the general citizens of the United States the right to take control of the government if the government . Today people just let the government get by with what ever they want to do. I can’t believe this blog has you guys going back and forth at each other like this. What if the government were allowed to calculate and allocate how much each individual in this country received as far as basic living items and maybe luxury items. Let’s talk food, water, living space square footage, cable, internet, phone usage, car type, etc. Who gets to decide and why? Lets even take it a step further and say they decide how many children we have, and how long we can live. Just how far would it have to go before you would pick up arms? Today’s citizens seem quiescence and negligent. Today’s citizens think since their bellies are full and they are entertained then everything in the world is right. Well, now some of our bellies are not full and conveniences once available to almost everyone are not available. The outsourcing of jobs, high gas prices, high food prices, homelessness, illegal aliens, unemployment, and especially the high cost of the continuing wars over petroleum control is hitting everyone more deeply and, maybe, enlightening passive citizens.

    So, I am not sure how much it will take, but there will be a breaking point. History has shown us that.

    If you want to know about me here is my info. I am a college graduate with a BS in Chemistry and another BS in Biology. I lost my job in 2009 due to downsizing. I cannot find a steady job. There are advertisements for work, but they always want 5+ years experience. I have two years of research experience and analytical chemistry experience. Most work is outsourced, especially PhD’s. I think of returning to school for my Masters, but that will still not guarantee me a job, but will incur debt. I manage to do contract work in another field just to get by. I have a basic phone. I drive a 12 year old car. My air conditioner is broken. I haven’t eaten out at a restaurant in over two years. I only have basic internet, because without it I could not do my statistical work online. I live just fine without cable or a flat screen. I can barely cover my bills. My computer is probably out of date. (6 years old). I grow some of my own food. (Don’t tell the food growers, it is becoming illegal to grow your own food. Read about it….) Patents on seeds. GMO’s. Science Fiction and horror stories on Government control.

    Yes, I believe there will be a point.

    I know many people who could never live like me. They still have all they could want or need. I also know others who are losing all there wants and needs. So, we might very well just see how much it takes before the citizens of this great country say “Enough is Enough!”

    I found a couple of quotes that sum it up.

    “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” (Thomas Jefferson)

    • Decider says:

      Although free speech is Constitutionally protected, the mere claim of exercising free speech while otherwise breaking the law is NOT Constitutionally protected. Protest and peaceful civil disobedience are valid choices provided YOU DO NOT BREAK THE LAW. Talk of overthrowing the government is against the law (sedition) and is NOT constitutionally protected Freedom of Speech.

      • Johnny DoeBoy says:

        So…Decider….is it your contention that if some Hitler sort ended up in the White House and tried to take over this country, far exceeding his authority and successfully doing so, that you would go along with whatever this man did for fear of ‘breaking the law’?

        I hardly think that the founding fathers would have sat idly by and watched such a man destroy the Republic they fought so hard to create…regardless of any failing on the Constitutions part to declare that fighting against ANY tyrant is ‘lawful and good’.

  16. Mark Sparkman says:

    Without addressing your absurd extrapolations or misdirected anger, I would like to know what clause of the Constitution allows for armed takeover of my government. Just for my information.

  17. Decider says:

    When Taylor so credulously proclaims, ” that it is becoming illegal to grow your own food”, I wonder just how such dark forces of ignorance have become so compelling to him that he CHOOSES to believe falsehood even when Truth is all around, clammoring for attention.

    I believe Truth would be more comforting than having the ‘bejusus’ scared out of you by believing the ENDLESS drama of paranoid apocalyptic cataclysms that will decend if Obama is re-elected. Some people bend their lives to tragedy and horror to the point it becomes a self-fulfiiling prophecy they love to embrace.

    • Mark Sparkman says:

      Well said, Decider. Some of these folks could benefit from some honest psychological evaluation.

      • Decider says:

        Here’s to good times at The Bookshelf !

      • Johnny DoeBoy says:

        Mark Sparkman says:
        July 14, 2012 at 11:56 pm

        Well said, Decider. Some of these folks could benefit from some honest psychological evaluation.

        Yourself included.

        Can we assume that regardless of the direction that leadership would head in that YOU would support that leadership…even if it started committing genocide against American citizens?

        Please dont waste your time pretending as though you do not have your own limitations whereby you WOULD take a stand and resist at some point.

        Do you think the ENGLISH laws ALLOWED for their subjects to defy the king and go start their own country???
        And it happened anyway, didnt it?
        If it hadnt youd be sitting in some British tavern sucking down ales today rather than living in the greatest nation this world has ever seen.

        Our Constitution is absolute and MUST be adhered to. If leadership in place cant or wont do so then they must be voted out and replaced by those who will.
        And hopefully we never see a day when the peons we hire to do the job of running this country decide to ignore that document thereby nullifying their authority and any responsibility of the American people to honor their position or authority.

        They get their authority from the documents written by the founding fathers.
        If they defile the intent of those documents then they relinquish that authority entirely.

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  19. Decider says:

    I went to school with your sister, who, if there were any justice in the world, would be Governor/President — also a ‘big’ friend of Pat’s.

  20. Rene in Texas says:

    I don’t mind paying my taxes… but I am starting to feel as though I am paying everyone else’s, too. Yes, I need roads for people to come to my business but I hocked a 2nd mortgage on my home and some of my retirement to open the business. I take the risk… the government gets quite a bit of the reward. Like I said, I pay my share… but I don’t want a socialist country.

  21. William Tipton says:

    As far as repealing Obamamacare I think the author here will be very surprised to see how that turns out. Far more Americans want this economy breaking trash law repealed entirely than liberals want to admit…including many liberals…

  22. Warren says:

    Which they did several times — end debate or not even start it.

  23. Warren says:

    Which they did several times — end debate or not even let it happen in the first place.

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