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Can Obama use Supreme Court decisions as a campaign tool?

Although decisions have not been released, the U.S. Supreme Court have appeared very cool to the Obama administration in two very high-profile cases: the review of the president’s health care insurance reform law and the administration’s opposition to Arizona crafting … Read More

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High court appears skeptical of sole federal oversight of immigration

Based on arguments today, the U.S. Supreme Court appears ready to throw away the idea that federal immigration laws automatically disqualify any state’s efforts to control illegal immigration.

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Memo to high priests: the 1950s were not better

“Boy, I wish we lived in the 1950s.” “We are definitely in the last days.” “The amount of sin and unrighteousness has tripled since I was a young man in the 1950s.” “I’d prefer to live in the 1950s.” Those … Read More

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It appears Hatch will avoid a last-hurrah scenario this year

Nine months ago, I wouldn’t have bet a nickel on Sen. Orrin’s Hatch’s chances of getting re-elected. Trying to ask Utah voters for 42 years as U.S. senators seemed galling. Hatch reminds me of a character in a Harry Potter … Read More

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Same-sex relationship sent LDS Church patriarch into exile

In October 1946, Joseph F. Smith II, LDS Church patriarch, was released from his calling in LDS General Conference. He had not served for several months, the official reason being that he was ill, confined to his home in Centerville, … Read More

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Most married women favor Republican presidential candidates

Lost in the controversy over Democratic PR consultant Hilary Rosen’s now apologized-for remark that Ann Romney, wife of presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney, never worked a day in her life, is that while women overall tend to vote more Democrat, … Read More

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Distinct anti-Mormons, the O’Donnells and the Jeffresses

There are two groups opposed to Mitt Romney’s candidacy based on his Mormon beliefs. One is using Romney’s Mormonism for political expediency. The other’s animus is deeper and based in theology. The latter group is far more likely to support … Read More

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80-plus years ago, book by Davis author served as gift to missionaries from LDS prophet

More evidence that the bookshelves and basements of Latter-day Saints’ homes provide historical value: I’m holding in my hands a book titled, “Flashes From the Eternal Semaphore,” written by Leo J. Muir, published by The Deseret News Press, third edition, … Read More

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Obama, Democrats want to tether middle class to more reliance on government

The president of hope and change had some harsh words for the only serious budget proposal out there. He called Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget plan, which outlines a fiscal austerity plan that includes providing more budget autonomy to states, “social … Read More

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Police, no-knock raid caught an LDS apostle in another woman’s bed

(To see Cal Grondahl’s cartoon that goes with this post, click here). On Nov. 11, 1943, LDS apostles Joseph Fielding Smith and Harold B. Lee gathered with Salt Lake City police officers, including Chief Reed Vetterli, outside the small Center … Read More

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