Political duck speak politics ensnares Romney

Mitt Romney is apparently in hot water for not caring about the poor. That’s funny, I thought he gave a poor woman some cash recently. That’s better than I. I stiffed a panhandler who wanted some cash when I was at the ATM earlier today. Stop trying to explain or “contain” this Mitt, you were completely right. (Read)

If Romney suffers a significant drop of support because he told CNN that he’s not constantly worried about the poor, then we deserve Newt Gingrich or the re-election of an incumbent whose campaign is all about class envy, for falling for duck speak politics.

We need a president who will work to maintain a strong middle class and provide safety nets that help and assist the poor. In fact, my ideal candidate is one who will prescribe this preventative remedy for poverty. 1) Stay in school, 2) when you get a job, stay with it, and 3) don’t plan on having kids until marriage, 4) And once you’re married, stay true to your vows. I’m not even sure Romney is willing to make that advice a campaign theme, though.

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  1. Preston says:

    Nicely said.

    • J. Hartwell says:

      Doug writes: “when you get a job, stay with it,..”

      Yeah Doug, if it was only that easy. You should have wrote; when you get a job, stay with it until your company moves it to India, Mexico, South Korea, Philippines…

  2. tom says:

    my ideal candidate is one who doesn’t spew lies every time he opens his mouth, one who actually is a statesman, one who is supremely intelligent, one who gives a damn about the whole country and not just the rich donors, one who exudes charisma and class, one who has a killer smile and one who can come off with a killer Al Green riff when needed.

    Oh wait a minute, I just described the president we already have!

  3. midwinter says:

    The funny part was when you said “maintain a strong middle class.” As if the American middle class has not seen its income remain completely stagnant for a full generation.

    As a side note, I seem to remember Obama giving a speech to schoolchildren about staying in school—and heaps of people kept their kids home.

    • Bob Becker says:

      And some school districts in the Great State of Zion banned the speech altogether, and even told teachers on off periods they could not watch it in the teacher’s break room lest a student walk by and catch a word or two of it through the door. Tooele I think was where that happened, teaching the school children there that cringing in fear is the proper way to respond to the possibility that someone may express and idea their parents may not agree with. Raising timidity to the level of a virtue to be taught to schoolchildren , it seems.

  4. Erick says:

    Context is of course everything. Romney was saying he wasn’t concerned about the “very poor” BECAUSE they have social safety nets. He then emphasized that the primary focus of economic policy should be to ensure a strong middle-class.

    I’m not much of a Romney fan, but I still don’t get what was wrong with what he said.

    • midwinter says:

      The problem, really, is that every time Romney talks about anything having to do with money or class, he sticks his foot in his mouth.

  5. Bob Becker says:

    Doug wrote: “We need a president who will work to maintain a strong middle class and provide safety nets that help and assist the poor. “

    I agree. Be nice if I thought Romney had the foggiest idea in hell how to do that. So far, he’s not shown that he has. His major campaign appeal to GOP voters so far has been [in order]: “I’m not Cain;” “I’m not Paul;” “I’m not Perry;” “I’m not Santorum;” “I’m not Newt.” I haven’t seen much substance, particularly on economic matters, beyond that so far.

  6. Myth Buster says:

    Miles Romney fled to Mexico to avoid US anti-polygamy laws in 1884. Gaskell Romney fled Mexico to avoid the Mexican Revolution; he subsequently sued the Mexican Government and won a judgment; he sure wasn’t a US citizen doing that. George Romney was born in Mexico and was never naturalized a US citizen making Mitt Romney inelligible to become US President.
    By the way, Obama and his attorney no-showed an Atlanta Court date Jan 26th and are unable to appear on the Georgia ballot until he proves US citizenship. Seems we have 2 fugitives of US law running for President. Saweeet!

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  8. Steve says:

    Interesting that we have a blog piece condemning “duck speak politics” while at the same time using the phrase “an incumbent whose campaign is all about class envy” which is the very definition of duck speak politics. Seems it’s only bad when the left engages in it.

  9. Bob Becker says:

    What concerns me more about Romney’s statement is that he thinks 90% to 95% of the American people are middle class. That does suggest he hasn’t a clue about either the distribution of wealth or income in this country or about how the Bush depression has impacted the lives of most Americans.

  10. Myth Duster says:

    Myth Buster
    I think you might be propagating a myth here.

    Isn’t any one born in the US (like the mittster) a citizen and thus qualified to be president? If so, it doesn’t seem that it would matter much where his father or grandfather were born. Incidentally, I think this subject came up 4 decades or so ago when papa George ran for president, and it was determined then that he also was a “natural born citizen” given that his parents were US citizens. There is also of course the case of John McCain who was born and Panama of US citizens and thus is also qualified to be president.
    I also think the Georgia thing was determined to be a joke and didn’t require the president’s presence in order for him to appear on the Ga ballot. If you have some sort of valid and contradictory info on any of this please post it.

    • Myth Buster says:

      At best Mitt is an “Anchor Baby”; George was never naturalized a US Citizen. The requirements to be US President are a person born in the US to US Citizens.
      You may think the GA Court hearing was a joke, I do not and Obama is not eligible to appear on the GA ballot until he proves US Citizenship. Difficult as his Social Security number is issued to a man who lived and died in CT.

  11. Steve Stones says:

    I like the stay in school part Doug. This is something I try to emphasize with many of my students. When I was in college, I looked at my employment opportunities in a very “black & white” kind of way. I figured I could stay in school for a few short years and spend long nights studying and writing papers to get to somewhere I wanted, or I could spend the rest of my life as a kitchen cook, which is how I was paying for tuition. Many young people don’t get this concept. They want immediate success without understanding that it doesn’t come overnight and it has to be earned and worked for. I think a lot of young people also get trapped in jobs that they don’t like because once they get some kind of job that pays a wage, they start buying stuff they really can’t afford, like a new car, then they end up trapped in the job for a long time to afford paying for things they could live without. Americans can and should learn to live without things they really don’t need (i.e. expensive homes, new cars, RVs, campers, etc.).

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  13. Decider says:

    The very poor . . . they need to eat every day.

    Romney’s conceit is that he and most Republican’s believe that “social safety nets” are merely the odious concoctions of bleeding hearts and liberals. That social nets really are, social hammocks; in which social degenerates wallow and avoid having to work for a living.

    However, the IMMEDIATE needs of the poor are obvious — something to eat and a roof over their head — if children are involved, it’s even more a desperate emergency. Romney would prefer Democrats worry about THAT . . . that he has the greater political focus of finding jobs for the middle class and tax insentives for the wealthy! Really, government provided food stamps and housing is a Socialistic nasty business — let’s leave that to Democrats so conservatives can denegrate it as being outside the Capitalistic mainstream and therefore, unamerican.

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