Please, not Donald Trump hosting a GOP presidential debate

Why are there plans for Donald Trump to moderate a Republican presidential debate on Dec. 27 in Des Moines, Iowa? (Read) Please let this be a joke or merely the imagination of an overzealous Trump press agent. However, Newsmax, a website headed by Chris Ruddy, who once tub-thumped the conspiracy that Clinton aide Vince Foster was murdered, has confirmed it. (Read)

So let’s get this straight – Donald Trump, reality show fixture, who embarrassed himself earlier this year when he claimed he had “investigators” in Hawaii checking into President Barack Obama’s birth certificate, will host a Republican presidential debate? It’s to be televised on the ION TV network.

Trump is the Republican Party’s Al Sharpton, a political sideshow that is incapable of remorse or a sense of shame.  None of the Republican candidates should attend the debate, although this close to Iowa I’m sure most will. To his credit, longshot candidate Jon Huntsman has given his regrets to Newsmax and Trump. (Read)

At this juncture, with the ring-around-the-rosie parade of GOP frontrunners settling on a plump, serial adulterer with faux blow-dried hair who waddles into speeches to the tune of “Eye of the Tiger,” the Republican presidential race is resembling a circus. The site of several candidates paying respectful homage to Trump will only exacerbate that unfortunate resemblance.


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11 Responses to Please, not Donald Trump hosting a GOP presidential debate

  1. D. Michael Martindale says:

    Donald Trump may have caused other people embarrassment for him, but I doubt he does anything that embarrasses himself.

  2. Steve says:

    I’m beginning to wonder if the entire Republican primary process this year isn’t instead a huge piece of performance art designed to show just how silly politics really is. Surely the whole thing’s already gone way over the top into parody. If that’s the case, it’s a smashing success.

  3. Preston says:

    What standing does Trump have to justify this? It can only lend credence to the claim that Republicans kowtow to the super-rich. Trump isn’t a captain of industry, he’s a captain wealth for wealth’s sake. A real estate developer whose product is exclusively for the hyper-rich. It pained me to learn last night that all the lead candidates are individually making the pilgrimage to sit down with him; this is much worse.

  4. Bob Becker says:

    “Trump is the Republican Party’s Al Sharpton, a political sideshow that is incapable of remorse or a sense of shame.”

    Nice. Very nice.

    Maybe they can get Martha Stewart to co-emcee.

  5. Michael Trujillo says:

    “… incapable of remorse or a sense of shame.”

    I’m not sure what Trump should be ashamed about. I agree, he’s not someone I want as President, but he is what he is; boastful, sometimes obnoxious, egotistical, driven, eccentric, etc. But he certainly has nothing to feel “shame” about.

    Care to eloborate on that comment?

  6. willbike says:

    “…a political sideshow that is incapable of remorse or a sense of shame.”

    The same could be said of Cain and Gingrich and with more justification. Donald Trump fits right in with the republican field.

  7. Stephen M. Cook says:

    With all o f the potential great leaders in America, what it says for the GOP to have Gingrich as front runner, and Trump hosting debates, goes beyond rhetoric suited for a public news daily.

  8. Mohokat says:

    Why not? Trump has as much expertise as the usual media flakes that are in the tank for Obama. What makes you as a media person think that these should be for only the media. Elitism?

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