Newt Gingrich as Republican nominee? Gedoudahere!

The stamp-your-feet mentality that infects the Republican Party’s base has led to Newt Gingrich surging in the polls, after Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry and Herman Cain did. Newt Gingrich for president? Newt Gingrich as a viable challenger to President Barack Obama? Have potential GOP caucus-goers and voters lost all sense of reality?

Newt Gingrich has absolutely no chance of becoming president of the United States. And it’s not because the “liberal” media is getting ready to gang up on him. It’s because Newt is the ultimate Washington insider. He’s a hypocrite who has used the practices that he loves to criticize to pad his pockets with millions. Every scandal that can be dug up on Newt Gingrich will be right on target. To support Gingrich, Republicans will have to go through¬†similar ideological, hypocritical contortions that Democrats were forced to do after it became evident that Bill Clinton had had sex with that “woman.”

In fact, the sexual misdeeds and hypocrisy of the multi-adulterer Gingrich is the lesser of his liabilities. How can anyone take anything Gingrich says about financial reform seriously after he received $1.5 million from Freddie Mac? Gingrich claims he was a historian for pay, but that’s just another of the many lies that flow easily from his lips. He received $1.5 million for being a lobbyist, to push bad financial schemes.

Gingrich also lobbied for pharmaceutical companies during the Medicare D debate and for ethanol subsidies. There is no law against lobbying, but Gingrich’s denials that he did lobby are enough to tag him a deliberate liar. The evidence is so overwhelming there shouldn’t be any debate (read). The man is a political gun for hire.

Plainly put, Gingrich is a political sociopathic demagogue, so enamored of his own considerable intellect that anything he says or does contrary to his¬†rhetoric is OK because he’s doing it. America had a good look of how Gingrich handled power as Speaker of the House. The results were not pretty — temper tantrums, a $300,000 fine from the House Ethics Committee, a 25 percent approval rating, and resignation after he dragged his party down in the 1998 midterms.

Now Newt’s the latest hope of Republican activists who can’t be persuaded to support Mitt Romney. Have they ever considered how a candidate can be elected if he or she has no appeal among independents?

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8 Responses to Newt Gingrich as Republican nominee? Gedoudahere!

  1. Preston says:

    Newt is the most obviously corrupt and amoral candidate I’m aware of who was ever treated seriously by Republicans. Fox isn’t doing its job if it doesn’t start explaining the realities of this guy; we can hope the liberal media don’t stay silent until it’s too late to get a better nominee.

  2. Bob Becker says:

    You wrote: ” He received $1.5 million for being a lobbyist, to push bad financial schemes.” I think it was R. Lowrey who suggested in a recent column that what Newt was paid for by Freddie Mac was his silence: as long as the money was paid, he would not go public with criticism of Freddie Mac’s razzle dazzle financial brinksmanship. It was, in short, hush money.

    $1.5 million as a “historical consultant” he claims. Right. Lowrey’s explanation seems more probable to me.

    PS Important Note To Companies Thinking of Hiring American Historical Consultants For Seven Figures: I am an American historian and I am available as a “historical consultant [wink wink]” to major corporations [or minor ones, and middle-sized too] for considerably less than Freddie Mac paid Newt. Something in the low six figures maybe. Or the high five figures even. We can talk.

  3. tom says:

    “Newt Gingrich has absolutely no chance of becoming president of the United States.”

    Which of course is the very reason that all of America ought to be hoping and praying that he becomes the GOP candidate!

    Go Newt!

  4. Owain says:

    I think one reason that first Bachman, then Perry, then Cain, and now Newt have enjoyed surges in popularity is that all of them have gone after Obama with hammers and tongs over Obamacare, while Romney has been reluctant in that regard because of RomneyCare.

    This is a problem for Romney.

    • Doug Gibson says:

      That’s a good point, Owain. I’d add though that we are at a “drama” phase of the campaign where voters are shifting from one conservative to another as an alternative to Romney. The only serious shift, I think, was Perry and he failed. I think by February Romney will have wrapped up the nomination, RomneyCare notwithstanding. What amuses me about Newt is he was for an individual mandate long ago.

  5. ted says:

    Be careful what you write, you could look like quite an as*s when he wins.

  6. Socrates says:

    Gingrich either will get trashed by Obama. Those who support Obama will support him even moreso when he can show himself cleaner than Newt Gingrich. Obama has only had one wife, and is still with her, whereas Gingrich seems to systematically divorce over and over again, when his wife seems to be getting a little too old for his taste. Obama will trash Gingrich as a coward who couldn’t face up to get investigated as to whether or not he really committed ethics violations, which, in practical terms, creates the impression that you are guilty, as not facing up to accusations equals guilt. Obama will have a field day on the fact that Gingrich can’t control his personal spending, and wonder, wow, does this guy deserve power over the veto when he can’t control himself to veto his own expenditures personally. Gingrich is pathetic, and delusional, and it’s a joke how much the GOP seems to try and deny it. Independents and Democrats will bite them in the butt. Note to the GOP: If you guys ever get smart enough, recognize that when we don’t get on some guy’s case, he’s such a moron that we will beat him easily.

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