Democrats less likely to vote for a Mormon for president than Republicans

This Gallup poll needs to be taken with skepticism, of course, but its finding that 27 percent percent of Democrats are hesitant to vote for a Mormon compared to 20 percent of Republicans seems to indicate that the Republican beliefs of Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman are more offensive to Democrats than Mormonism is to perhaps evangelical-minded Republicans. My friend Michael Paulos quipped that Harry Reid should be worried, but I have a hunch those Mormon numbers might be more favorable amonf Democrats if a Reid or Udall ran. Link is

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11 Responses to Democrats less likely to vote for a Mormon for president than Republicans

  1. midwinter says:

    And 92% of Baptists would vote for a Mormon? Something’s not right with that poll. The real question isn’t the percentage in the national polls; the real question is whether Republicans in LA, MS, AL, TN, GA, SC, NC, KY, and VA will vote for a Mormon.

  2. D. Michael Martindale says:

    “This Gallup poll needs to be taken with skepticism, of course…”

    Of course? Why of course? Does Gallup have a reputation for shoddy procedures? If not, I see no “of course” in the infomration given, and the asrticler should have included reasons why they think we should take the poll with skepticism.

  3. Mikeasell says:

    All of these polls are a bit ridiculous. People do not vote like that, in groups ,and because of a single “character” issue. They are what ifs, that only account for one thing. Its like asking would you ever vote for a candidate named Hussein? Would you vote for a divorcee? Would you vote for someone who switched parties? of course most people will say no, but here we are, with Barack as a president, with Romney in the lead, and with clowns like Palin as a serious alternative. You vote on the person, not the religion. These polls are just there to polarize folks and to get them to draw lines in the sand…silliness.

  4. Dovie says:

    Agree that something is wrong with that poll. That Baptist statistic can only be right if the alternative to a Mormon was Satan himself.

    I do think democrats are sick of religion in politics: I doubt that it’s “Mormon” nearly as much as “I’ve got my religion on my sleeve”.

  5. Lang says:

    I live in the a small Southern town, but I am from Arizona where I was raised in a LDS family. I can tell you from where I live in East Tennessee most everyone distrusts and dare I say with prejudiced dislikes Mormons. They do not like Mormons and I don’t know many people who even believe that LDS people and mainstream Christians even believe in the same Jesus.

    To Illustrate: Many LDS people do not acknowledge that a “fundamentalist LDS offshoot is a proper “LDS ” religious belief and therefore the fundamentalist form of the LDS religion is not an acceptable religious sect to follow let along have a guy like Warren Jeffs running your Country.

    Go to ANY Hardees in ANY Southern town around 6 am. Stop and talk to the old farmers and men who congregate to discuss politics and weather. These old guys are the living attitude of the Southern voter and there ain’t hardly one of that will concede that LDS are even real Christians. LDS are therefore labeled “untrustworthy”. As they see it The LDS changed the Bible stories they have all believed since they were children.

  6. Aaron says:

    I view this with more than a little skepticism. Who are these “Democrats” and where are they? Since there are no Mormons running for national office, it is meaningless. If you don’t like Mitt and Jon and you don’t have an opinion about Mormons one way or the other, what are you going to say? Get real. Let’s talk about a poll that actually means something.

  7. Stephen M. Cook says:

    No devout Fundamentalist Christian would vote for someone who, through the power of Jesus, they know to be a bona fide cult member like Mitt “Mitt” Romney.
    The doctrine of Mormonism and the doctrines of greater Christianity, are not compatible. Indeed they both believe that the other was created by Satan to deceive the faithful.
    In the privacy of the voting booth, this truth will out: Fundie Christians will not vote for Satan.

  8. Zions Tribe says:

    The “stigmatized” slango of [Cult] and its’ conotation to a
    latter-day ” Guyana-Jim Jones” has been immensly mis-alligned.
    The primitive gathering surrounding Jesus Christ of Nazarth was
    indeed a bona-fide cult. In that followers/devotees “revolved” the
    perimiters of “One Grand Head” of the Triune, Jesus the Christ.
    It wasn’t until he was cruicified on “Calverys Tree” and the
    Priesthood-Keys were diseminated to the Tweleve, did this
    “fledgling-flock” eventually maturate into a World-Class Religion.

  9. laytonian says:

    Wouldn’t life be wonderful, if believers went home and prayed — and left their religion unspoken in public?
    Do your good works, and don’t show them off.
    Treat your fellow man fairly, and don’t brag about it.
    Don’t attribute common events or coincidences to “miracles”.

    We don’t need to be proselytized. We’ve heard of your religion.
    If we want your religion, we’ll ask for it.

    ….and candidates for office? They can’t complain about their religion being treated unfairly, when they wear it on their sleeve like a bad of honor. They are no better than anyone else.

  10. Gfrenfroe says:

    Unfortunately for Mitt, he’ been hit with the first and widest brush stroke of anti-Mormon sentiment in his 2008 bid for the presidency. Huntsman on the other hand is the proverbial second mouse and may get the cheese because of the sacrifice of Mr. Romney.
    I stopped believing that Mitt could be a viable candidate when I listened to one of his speeches back in 2008 that was an exercise in memorizing and regurgitating one line mantras from the RNC book of acceptable slogans.
    Huntsman has been able to keep his religion eclipsed by his accomplishments, political skill, charisma and effective leadership.
    As a Non-LDS and Non-Republican I say that Huntsman is the guy I would like to see behind the desk in the Oval office.

  11. Dave CV says:

    Religious discrimination rears it’s ugly head again…..Some things never change….

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