The right-right wing starts its war on Huntsman

Interesting film is playing the rounds of YouTube that comes from the righty blog Verum Serum. It’s a somewhat witty faux campaign ad for ex-Utah GOP Gov. Jon Huntsman. It begins with a rhino (Get it, RINO, har, har) and features Huntsman with various NewsMax, VerumSerum baddies such as President Obama, Arnold Schwarzenegger, John McCain, and adds Huntsman clips involving health care reform, the stimulus and global warming. I think the New York Times building is also thrown in for good measure. To see the clip, go here There’s also a Newsmax story here

This kind of unfriendly fire within a political party is inevitable. I recall something similar in 1986 when a GOP moderate, Ed Zschau, was closing in on California uber-liberal Sen. Alan Cranston (I was living in California). Just before the campaign, some righty-righty group ran an attack video on Zschau. A friend called me and said, did you see that, I can’t vote for Zschau! To sum up, Cranston won a narrow race and was allowed to push his pre-Barbara Boxer politics on my home state for six more years.

I think Reagan’s 11th commandment was the right call, but hey, we have free speech. And if VerumSerum can knock Huntsman out, maybe they can go on to Romney, and then Pawlenty, and maybe Christie if he runs. Then we can have the dream matchup of President Obama versus Michelle Bachmann, or Gary Johnson, or Ron Paul, or Herman Cain, and we can all celebrate 1964 again.

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15 Responses to The right-right wing starts its war on Huntsman

  1. Bob Becker says:

    Hey, we had to deal with the Naderite True Believers, who gave us all President G. W. Bush in Florida. Delighted to see your side now dealing with your own True Believers. I recall Sen. Alan Simpson on a TV talk show about a month ago, lambasting Right Wing True Believers who, he said, were the reason Sen. Reid got re-elected [i.e. they put up a wing nut against him]. Probably true. Reid was dead in the water until the Tea Baggers got their Fruit Loop candidate the nomination. Ditto Simpson said in Delaware, another wing nut candidate saving the scalp of a flailing Dem. Those two wins would have given the Rs the Senate. And Simpson said, aghast, “Sen. Bennett is a communist? What’s wrong with these people?”

    I know, I know, for the True Believers Simpson was at least a Fellow Traveler if not an outright Bolshevik himself.

    Have fun, Doug.

  2. D. Michael Martindale says:

    But Benson’s replacement won the election.

  3. D. Michael Martindale says:

    Make that Bennett. (Which I would do if this blog app had an edit fucnction.)

  4. Preston says:

    I think Reagan’s 11th commandment is a major reason we still have so many liberal Republicans and that real conservatives get smeared for pointing out the RINOs. It’s amazing how scandalized liberals get about cons trying to have a party of their own.

    • neal cassidy says:

      It seems that the true believers label anyone who does not believe every bit of far right rhetoric as a liberal. I believe that many people find some truth in almost all of the political spectrum. But currently the far right gives no one a chance unless they spout only far right doctrine. Labeling Bob Bennett as a liberal was laughable but sad since the attack took a good and productive member out of the senate.

  5. Bob Becker says:

    Scandalized? Hardly. This liberal is enjoying the hell out of watching the Republican Party assemble circular firing squads for its own members. Hoot and a half.

    • tom says:

      Mr. Becker

      Me too! It is great fun watching the wing nut tin hat Republican crowd commit suicide with their purity purges.

      And Mr. Gibson – So you are a California Mormon! That explains a lot and somewhat removes the mystery of your unique political stance. Welcome to the promised land, wish more of you strange California Mo’s would migrate this way to sorta level the playing field a little.

  6. ScottH says:

    Mr. Huntsman has been an unabashed moderate. His stances on a number of significant issues have aligned more with the DNC platform and less with the RNC platform. I seem to remember someone opining that Huntsman might even return from China as a Democrat. Who might that have been?

    Our former governor has made a conscious decision to position himself as a liberal Republican. Although he is current soft-peddling some of his more liberal positions, he isn’t flip-flopping or backing down on their substance. The idea is to present himself as the liberal alternative to all of the rightwing (and pretended rightwing) GOP candidates.

    This tactic also paints a big target on him. Mr. Huntsman is quite erudite. It is quite possible that he is purposefully attracting rightwing fire in an effort to get name recognition and to develop support among moderates and independents.

    This approach might be useful in a general campaign. I’m not sure how well it will work in a GOP primary.

  7. Owain says:

    Doug, I think you are misinterpreting their write up. They are pointing out positions Huntsman has held, and may still hold. If Huntsman supports a system like Cap and Trade, that is a valid topic of discussion, is it not? If Huntsman supports the idea of Government Health Care, should we not seek clarification on exactly what he has in mind? Climate change? We shouldn’t talk about it?

    From the post itself, Verum Serum says, “Since I’ve clearly just violated the Eleventh Commandment by producing this, let me clarify that I think Huntsman should get in the race. Whether we like it or not, there is clearly some constituency for these types of ideas.” Which is worse, the fact that Verum Serum is talking about these issues, or the fact that you want to muzzle them for talking about these issues?

    Everyone says they want a ‘frank and honest dialog’ on the issues, but is it helpful when someone tries to open that frank and honest dialog, you get your panties in a defensive bunch, and complain that the ‘right-right’ is attacking your poor helpless candidate?

    In subsequent posts, Verum serum says this:
    “But there have been a couple of contradictory claims. Rep. Jason Chaffetz from Utah, a former campaign adviser to Hunstman, was quoted in the Salt Lake Tribune stating that he does not recall Huntsman ever supporting a mandate. In the same article, the former Utah Health Director who served under Huntsman claimed the idea of a mandate was on the table, but Huntsman “never endorsed it”.”

    Elsewhere, Verum Serum says this:
    “I’ve certainly offered my share of criticism about a potential Huntsman campaign, but I have not seen or read anything, even from detractors, which would call into question his integrity. As I have said elsewhere, though he is clearly not my first choice, I will have no reservations about supporting Huntsman in 2012 if he is the GOP nominee.”

    This hardly seems like Verum Serum has declared war on the Huntsman campaign. I think you owe them an apology.

    Oh, and for everyone cheering the prospect of Republican circular firing squads, failing to actually follow the links to see what is actually being said demonstrates…what? Certainly not intelligence. Congratulations for demonstrating yet again your ability to get it wrong.

    • Mark Shenefelt says:

      Owain, your reply was thoughtful and valuable until the last paragraph, where you veered into a stretched cheap shot against the author of the “Republican circular firing squads” quote.

      Bob, thanks for the “circular firing squads” image. Laughed out loud.

      • Owain says:

        Mark, you are such a hack. You compliment Bob for his cheap shot on circular firing squads, even though in this case, IF YOU HAD BOTHERED TO FOLLOW THE LINKS, you would have seen that the remark doesn’t apply, and yet when I point that out, and supply supporting evidence, you accuse ME of a cheap shot?

        How comforting it must be to have such entrenched preconceived notions, unassailable by such tawdry things as facts. Beats thinking, I guess.

  8. Owain says:

    Doug, you are starting to be increasingly disappointing. Here we talked all about Verum Serum, and how they are perhaps not the ‘right-right’ partisan hit squad you make them out to be, and what do I find on the Editorial page today? A repeat of the same broad brush nonsense. It’s almost like you have the story line fixed in your mind, and you aren’t about to let reality intrude upon that. It’s one thing to put that kind of nonsense in your blog, but I think that to put it the same stuff on the editorial page borders on professional malfeasance.

    The editorial states, “These attacks underscore the rigid litmus case that some conservative activists have set for GOP presidential wannabes.” OK, which attacks on the part of either Verum Serum or Freedom Works do you specifically regard as being unfair or out of bounds? Spell it out. Just which policy position on the part of either Huntsman or Romney do you consider unassailable, and for which either Verum Serum or Freedom Works deserve to be labeled extremists? Spit it out.

    The thing is I suspect that if either Freedom Works or Verum Serum has been talking about another candidate, say Palin, Huckabee, or anyone else in the vast panoply of GOP hopefuls, you wouldn’t have batted an eye. BUT, because they are talking about candidates in whom you have an interest, home town favorites, so to speak, you feel justified in tarring them with the label ‘Extremist’.

    Extremist? What is your justification for that? Because they disagree with you? You have an amazingly low threshold when it comes to extremism.

    You owe your readers, both on this blog and on the Editorial page, better than that. You are tarnishing the brand.

  9. Westie says:

    Owain, your previous 2 post were the most gentlemanly ‘cheap shots’ I’ve seen since the tequila bar had a 3 shots for a buck special!

    I just stopped by these parts to catch up from regarding Huntsman’s quixotic bid for the GOPPER nomination. I’m just wondering if, after the Palin induced meltdown of Romney’s big roll out in NH when her bus tour visits will Huntsman manage to skedaddle out of state on URGENT BIZZINESS. What do you think?

  10. Owain says:

    “Owain, your previous 2 post were the most gentlemanly ‘cheap shots’ I’ve seen since the tequila bar had a 3 shots for a buck special!”

    Mission accomplished, then. I’m nothing, if not gentlemanly. ;)

    As far as your next question goes, there’s not much point in guessing at this point. Things will unfold soon enough, then we won’t have to guess.

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