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Glenn Beck may be leaving Fox News, but the poli-evangelist who can cry on cue is not leaving his fans’ adoring eyes. In what will be closely watched by industry observers, Beck will soon launch a Web TV channel GBTV, with the solemn, sure-to-be spoofed tagline, “The Truth Lives Here.” (Read)

I have a hard time hitting the sack until about half past 12 midnight, so I generally spend the last half hour of the day catching Glenn Beck’s Fox News TV show. As his tenure at Fox draws to a close, the show has gotten very eccentric. Guests are very rare. It’s “Professor Beck” — dressed in his Sunday best — lecturing at the board, marker in his hand.

One week Beck is all doom and gloom with the fervor of a long-time John Bircher; the economy’s cratering, we’re screwed, buy gold. Lately, it’s been a Beck and Israel against the world show. The poli-talker is planning a big demonstration to support Israel against Obama, the U.N., the Democrats, western Europeans, the Palestinians, the front 5 of the Vancouver Canucks … (I may have dreamed that last enemy, it is late).

I would never accuse Beck of conning us all with his show, although I have a friend who claims Beck dabs his eyes with vaseline when it’s time to cry. Who knows? O’Reilly likes him and I trust Bill. For me, though, Beck’s seriousness and gravity has moved to camp. Watching him this week pontificate on the Mideast crisis, I tried to imagine myself as a fan, and lapping it all in. It’s no use; unless Beck expires in Israel, lies on the ground for a while and then resurrects, I have to regard his show as preferable entertainment to the Daily Show and Colbert. .

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  1. Zenos says:

    Dear Doug;
    One idealistic traite of MOR=Middle of Road Beck, is his
    tenacity to “flag” his idealogs, in sequences. Returning
    to “word-thought” flow, thus shooting in a “Bi-Polair”
    manner of a Gifted Mormon Linquist.
    Not since the equally gifted Elder Neil A. Maxwell in discource
    of the “Eternal Now” and utilizing “hybrid” prepositional
    phrases in prose, have I ever been able to actualize the
    VIZ=Voice In Zen.
    Most all Melchezedek Authority are gifted and ordained, and
    most all Unlearned layity cannot realize the impact of a very
    “Learned Priesthood”. There should be a very ponient dis-
    claimer for the novice, tuned into Brother Becks “gift of
    tounge”; {Recorded Live at Broadcast}

  2. ScottH says:

    I know people that not only watch Mr. Beck religiously, but believe every word he says with religious ferver. The man is a talented entertainer that exudes a certain level of genuineness about matters for which he expresses great passion.

    But frankly, I don’t understand how people stand to watch and/or listen to him day after day. It’s exhausting enough listening for 10 minutes a couple of times a week. How do regular followers hold up under that strain?

  3. Doug Gibson says:

    I can relate to Scott H’s comment. I know people who have fallen under Beck’s spell so far that they now regularly blast ex-presidents such as Theodore Roosevelt with that “dreaded word,” progressive.

  4. Julie says:

    There is a video on YouTube of someone rubbing something under Beck’s eyes to cause tears. Beck makes a comment about his eyes getting use to the stuff under his eyes because it was not working as well as it did in the past.

    “O’Reilly likes him and I trust Bill.”

    Since they are both on Fox, it is not likely that O’Reilly is going to state that Beck is a fraud. I do not regularly watch O’Reilly, but I have seen him challenge Beck about the facts or reasonableness of his statements.

    I also know people that believe everything Beck and/or O’Reilly says is factual. These individuals have made an emotional decision to believe them and have no interest in the evidence on PolitiFact or Factcheck about false or twisted statements they have both made. One of the individuals is a very right leaning Christian that believes many doomsday end of time scenarios.

    Beck has said in the past that he is a rodeo clown and anyone that believes everything he says is a fool. Beck has a long history of saying outlandish, mean, and false things on his radio programs.

  5. Aaron says:

    Someone please tell me why I should pay attention to this man. He hasn’t served in the military, hasn’t held elective office, has no educational credentials, other than his experience with drugs and alcohol. His track record as a nasty on-air personality is disgraceful. The things he did to people and said about people are repugnant. I don’t give a fig about his conversion to Mormonism. The man is a nasty, nasty person who preaches hate and paranoia.

    • bob says:

      you say why should you pay attention to him…
      he hasn’t served in the military….. neither has obama.
      he has no educational track record other than his drug and alcohol experience… unless you’re one of the priviledged few you’ve never seen obama’s college records so you really have no proof he even went to college other than he told you he did. he also told you he used drugs… so essentially he has the same educational track record as beck.
      he has never served in public office… true he hasn’t… but if obama finishes this term in office it will be the first one he has ever started and finished, which essentially makes it his first one.
      you say he’s a nasty person the way he treats people… look how obama has been treating people… same thing.
      so you ask why should you pay attention to beck… well i don’t even have tv service so i don’t watch, but i would ask you since they have the same track record… why then would you pay attention to obama?

  6. A Guy says:

    Yeah, Zenos. That’s right. Whatever you said is…it must be right.
    Any clear examples of how Beck preaches hate and paranoia, Aaron? Any examples of how Beck’s a fraud, Julie? And Doug, was Teddie Roosevelt not a Progressive? Do you even know what Progressives are? You seem to have no problem with progressivism. Do you have any idea why people would have a problem that philosophy? Have any of you paid enough attention to Beck to understand why he’s concerned about things that are happening? Or did you decide long ago that you don’t like him, therefore you won’t even listen to what he says. Any reasonable person would be more concerned about developments in this world than about the messenger. Do you have no problem with people holding power in the Middle East whose stated goals are to kill all the Jews? Whose rhetoric is just like Hitler’s? Do you have no problem with the leader of Iran’s stated devotion to the Twelfth Imam, which means he’s willing to bathe the world in blood to bring him back? Does it bother you at all that Marxists are teaching high school kids in Arizona to hate America and white people? If not, then, don’t worry; everything will be fine. Go back to your Beck-bashing. That’s what really matters.

  7. Tim says:

    A Guy,
    Couldn’t have said it better myself! Watching or listening to Beck is a bit hard to watch at times with all the negative things that are currently happening in the world, but these people can’t say he’s wrong. I wish they could! Yet all they can do is attack him for being religious, researching history, and crying. Typical hate speech from the liberal left.

  8. kent coleman says:

    It’s Vick’s vapo rub,that Beck,puts under his eyes.

    I don’t watch this fool at all.

    No fan here.

    • kent coleman says:

      I am going to retract my statement of Beck being a “fool”.

      He’s not a fool at all, he’s a con man ,invented by Roger Ailes.

      Roger , remembers the movie “A Face in the Crowd” starring Andy Griffith.

      “An Arkansas hobo becomes an overnight media sensation.
      But when he becomes drunk with power,will he ever be exposed as the fraud he has become”.

      The only fools are the ones who have been suckered by this con man.

  9. Preston says:

    Last time I saw Beck on a screen in a truck top he was saying (and this isn’t paraphrase) “This is Armageddon” and telling people to store food. Now, I think the food storing is always a good idea, but it’s such a shame to see Glenn make the career- and reputation-destroying mistake of becoming an end-times prophet. There are going to be end times, yes, but it’s probably best to leave the task of announcing them to the actual prophets. There is enough real information to dispense without chaining your sense of purpose and significance to the dissolution of society. At some point I suspect Glenn has started hoping for the end to be soon. When you get too angry about the state of the world, that can become a tempting emotional refuge.

  10. Michael Lavender says:

    @A Guy,
    Any clear examples of how Beck preaches hate and paranoia, Aaron?
    All persons who successfully sneak into the country will be allowed to stay indefinitely. All crimes committed by those lawbreakers (i.e., identity theft, fraud, and tax evasion) will be ignored. These non-American Americans will be afforded free health care at emergency rooms, free education,, and special in-state tuition deals at colleges, not afforded legal citizens. All children born of these lawbreakers shall immediately become citizens of the United States. Any person attempting to thwart this revision of Section I will be labeled racists, hatemongers, xenophobes, and all-around bad people. From Arguing with Idiots, Chapter 12 \The U.S. Constitution: Lost in translation\

    Not paranoid, or just preaching the Teabag gospel?

    Any examples of how Beck’s a fraud, Julie?
    September 22, 2008
    BECK: [W]e are in the middle of an all-out financial emergency, and emergencies have a way of really testing people.

    In normal times, under normal circumstances, if you tune in to me, you know me as somebody who would tell the federal government exactly where to take their bailout plans and shove it right up their you-know-what. But these are anything but normal times.

    I thought about it an awful lot this weekend, and while it takes me — it takes everything in me to say this, I think the bailout is the right thing do.

    The \Real Story\ is: The $700 billion that you’re hearing about now is not only, I believe, necessary, it is also not nearly enough, and all of the weasels in Washington know it.
    Then ONE YEAR LATER (Sept 21, 2009) When the new President, the black one is in office, Mr Information, the Paragon of Sanity says,
    \Hated him for it..\
    Mr. Beck’s positions appear to be dictated by whatever Talking Point pontification comes from Roger Ailes. Bush=bailout good, Obama=bailout bad. Which is it Glenn?
    I could go on and on. And I will be glad to send anyone references.
    But I’ve also learned that trying to topple this god from the pedestal by using sanity and logic is fruitless and futile. His worshippers are blinded by the light.

    The man is a liar, he either misrepresents the facts or just makes stuff up. In any event, using Mr. Beck as anything beyond third rate kabuki theatre is silly.

  11. Tim says:

    1st half of your post – How is that not exactly what the liberals have been interpreting the 14th Amendment? Illegals doing all of that is basic common knowledge.

    Good research on your media matters site though!

    2nd half – Beck supported the bailout for about a week until he learned of all the pork and corruption in the bill. Oh and while that WHITE progressive guy was still in office.

    Libs wouldn’t know what to do if they didn’t pull out a race card every other day.

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