Mitt Romney leads among sane Republicans

I know that these types of polls occur when political passions are up, but a new poll showing that 51 percent of Republicans believe Obama was born outside of the U.S. needs to be a wake up call for many GOPers more interested in Snooki than Obama. Get your heads out of your rear ends, people; the president is a U.S. citizen!!!!!! Read

If President Obama were not born in the U.S., he would not be eligible to be president, a fact that I’m sure many of these “pseudobirthers” do not realize. The hard-core birthers, the types who read World Net Daily and distrust “liberal Fox News,” feed the delusion with that knowledge. Many times I have received a fake “Associated Press news story that reveals Obama is a foreigner and Muslim” accompanied by badly spelled demands that we print this “news story” in our newspaper! I mentioned that such delusions are bipartisan — chortling liberals should be reminded of a 2007 poll where 42 percent of Democrats either believed President George W. Bush caused 9-11 or knew about it in advance.  Read From truthers begat birthers.

There’s some good news for GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, though. While he trails badly among “birther” Republicans, he leads among sane Republicans, those who comprehend that the president is a U.S. citizen. On the other hand, the unsane prefer Mike Huckabee.

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  1. TV says:

    Interesting comment last night from Krauthammer (see I do watch Fox. O’Reilly, in fact). Krauthammer said that Romney’s greatest flaw as a candidate is his Massachusett’s health care plan. K’man said that Romney shoudl have distanced himself more soundly from that plan looooong ago, because he thinks Obama’s greatest president flaw (or the GOP’s greatest weapon to win in 2012) is Obamacare. So, the Republican candidate’s best weapon will be to skewer Obama fiscal policy using Obama’s biggest “mistake,” Health Care. So, how can a Romney use that weapon when he, himself, as Mass. governor basically signed into law and supported the very state program on which Obama’s federal program is based?

    Interesting dilemma for Romney, for the GOP. Humorous dilemma for me, given that (1) it’s true and (2) it’s Romney’s own words and programs that will haunt him. What better ammo for Democrats to throw back at him.

    • True Republican says:

      Actualy Krauthammer said that, IF Romney was going to denounce “Romneycare”, THEN he should have done it long ago. But He’s not going to, nor should he. I don’t think Obamacare is going to be issue number one in 2012. I think it’s going to be jobs and the economy. Something that Romney is better positioned on than any other candidate. But even if it is Obamacare then that’s ok. The argument that Obamacare is modeled on Romneycare is a straw man argument that is designed to undercut his republican and conservative support during the primaries. Gee, I wonder why Obamas team would be trying to do that? It’s a line of attack that will only work during the primaries. It will not work during the Presidential campain. How is Obama going to attack Romney on “Romneycare” when he’s been crediting Romney all this time for his “good ideas” on healthcare. Plus, think of how easily Romney would be able to turn around such an attack in a debate. “I appreciate that you liked what we did in Massachusetts Mr President but if you wanted my advice on healthcare than you could have just asked”. Obamacare would still very much be a credible line of attack for Romney. That’s because, although there are some similarites, Romneycare and Obamacare are fundamnetaly differrent. The main argument against Obamacare is that it is an unconstitutional overreach of FEDERAL government, usurping states rights. The second argument in my opinion is that it’s a one-size-fits-all plan. “Romneycare” is a STATE plan for Massachusetts that simply does not translate to a national level. It was crafted by both Republicans and democrats. It had, and continues to have, the support of it’s citizens. It required no new spending, and did not require raising taxes. And to be honest, the democrats in Massachusetts have had there hands all over this thing from the beginning, which has contributed the the rising costs in that state. Mitt Romney remains by far the strongest candidate to take on Obama.

  2. Doug Gibson says:

    There’s a general feeling that Romney is as weak a “frontrunner” as Rudy Guiliani was in 2007; Ann Coulter at CPAC said he can’t win. And the blame is assigned to RomneyCare. I don’t think he should back away from it. We do need to do something about the cost of medicine and health care. In the long run, having done nothing is more expensive. Yet, that may not help Romney in time for next year’s elections.

  3. BelieveInAmerica says:

    • Romney is firmly committed to repeal of Obamacare.
    • Romney has repeatedly stated that Massachusetts Care is not good for the entire nation.
    • Romney vetoed many provisions of the Mass bill that was later overridden by Democrats.
    • The original Romney bill was far better and more practical than what the liberal Democrats did to it.
    • The Democrats overrode Romney’s original bill on a whole series of items.
    • The Health Care system in Massachusetts is Constitutional, while ObamaCare is not.

    James Madison, author of the United States Constitution, summed it up as such:
    “The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite.”

    Mitt Romney’s accomplishments:

    • Attended Standford University, before serving 30 months in France as a Christian Missionary.
    • Fluent in French as a second language.
    • Brigham Young University Summa Cum Laude graduate.
    • Graduated Summa Cum Laude and in the top 5% with a JD and MBA degree from Harvard Law and Harvard Business Schools.
    • Earned over 260 million in the private sector – 25 years.
    • Lead Bain and Company, Inc. from 1978 to 1998, managing a highly successful turnaround without layoffs.
    • Founded, acquired or invested in hundreds of companies including Staples, Bright Horizons Family Solutions, Brookstone, Domino’s, Sealy Corporation and The Sports Authority.
    • Served as President of the 2002 Winter Olympic games, turning a $300 million deficit to a $100 million surplus – one of the most successful Winter Olympics on record.
    • As Governer of Massachusetts he took a 1.5 BILLION dollar deficit and turned it into a 600 million dollar surplus without raising income and other taxes (he did raise some “fees” on other services – about 2 million worth).
    • 2012 presidential candidate that contributed the most money to Republicans in the 2010 midterm election.

    Mitt Romney is the smartest, most qualified, and most level-headed candidate to lead our nation out of the financial mess that it is in. He has consistently proven it in both the private and public sector throughout his life. He has the largest grassroots political organization and the most financial support. He has polled consistenly as the strongest contender to beat Obama in 2012.

    “Change We Can Believe In” has failed.

    BELIEVE IN AMERICA, elect Mitt Romney!

  4. I, for one, am longing for the day when we have a President with my core values and will stand up for them. Mitt is that guy! Flip-flopper? Then most of us deserve the same label. We all change our opinions over time as our life experience shapes us. And I follow him every day at

  5. Jim W says:

    I do what I can to dispel Birther thinking among family and friends.

    The left had its own Birthers; there was an organized effort to claim that McCain was ineligible to run because he was born outside the US (while his Navy parents were stationed in Panama). The intent of this Constitutional provision was to prevent the country from selecting as its ruler some foreigner named George, Louis, or Wilhelm, not to split hairs about children of citizens who came to term on holiday. Obama’s mother was a US citizen; case closed.

    Depending on the definition of Natural, you could theoretically disqualify any child delivered MacBeth-style, via Caesarean section. Not really something I want being argued on Nightline. Some lefty pundits’ confusion notwithstanding, the Constitution isn’t that complicated.

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  7. Wyatt says:

    Read ‘No Apology: Believe in America’ by Mitt Romney and you’ll support him 100%. The guy is phenomenal; he can beat Obama.

  8. Mark Shenefelt says:

    I wouldn’t pronounce all 49 percent sane yet. People in this group answered that they “think Obama was born here or are not sure.” The “not sure” folks need their heads examined too.

  9. TV says:

    Hi “Believe in America.” I’d like to change my name to “Believe in Cut-and-Pasted ‘Message Points.’” Heck you even left in the “bullets.”

    As you write, Romney has many positive things to tout. I DID, in fact, like Mitt Romney. And could still. I especially liked him when he showed as governor of Massachusetts that he could compromise those “core values” to which someone above referred by governing from the middle and supporting (yes, he did support these core values) middle-of-the-road things such as same-sex rights and government-run health care.

    But, oh those ‘message points’ used to overturn actual truth and twirl them into … today’s truth. Kind of the same thing. But not really. Here’s a question for you about Romney’s stance on state-run health care: Find me a speech from last year in which Romney was heralding ANY health care bill? That is, even his OWN, which you say is better. Nope, he was silent, as all good wanna-win-Tea-Party-voters-some-day politicians were. No, that was Bob Bennett, working with a Democrat mind you, who actually came up with what might have been a good compromise plan — Bob Bennett who lost because of that “lack of conservative integrity.”

  10. hawg says:

    actually I think if he had been some garden variety protestant, he would be president today.

    • Midwinter says:

      Entirely possible. Huckabee might not have stayed in as long as he did if Romney weren’t LDS. I haven’t seen any polling on it, but I just don’t see the South voting for Romney.

  11. Tom says:

    “Sane Republican”????

    Where the heck do you get these bizarre notions Doug?

  12. Amongst Republican Primary voters in the 2010 elections, 51 percent did not believe Obama was borne in the USA, another 23 percent said they were not sure.

    Now surely, Primary voters tend to be older or rabid single issue voters, and last season proved the rule; I am not of the mind this group well represents un-mediated Republican thought nationwide, rather it would seem new-yellow-journalism driven, to no good end.

    Really, we are not all as far apart, us on the loony left and those on the radical right, as those who benefit from driving the news cycle would have us believe.

    Mitt for President. Now there is a conundrum. Do I want a lawyer or a businessman in the white house right now? Do I want to give more leeway to the reactionary voices heard shouting a few summers back in town halls in small towns?

    Democracy is about balance; I think I will give this terrorist-bombing constitutional scholar peacenik another four years to counter-balance the Bachman insanity, and give the Tea a chance to seep a bit longer. Perhaps then it will not be so bitter.

  13. ctrentelman says:

    did you hear that karl rove thinks the birther thing is really a clever ploy by the Obama white house?

    No, seriously, no kidding, he said that. See:

    So 51 percent of republicans are so dumb they’re buying into a white house ploy to make them look dumb. Or so Rove says.

    Gotta love it.

  14. Erick Kuhni says:

    I’m not convinced that because Romney, a member of the American Socialelite, who is strictly the beneficiary of privlige, has demonstrated himself as “the man for the job”. I acknowledge his success with Bain, but I am constantly surprised by those who think that this suggests he understands Job creation as a Federal initiative. Romneycare isn’t all that different from Obamacare, so if healthcare reform is the issue, all those who oppose Obama should oppose Romney. However, Romney didn’t lose the 2008 primary because of healthcare – he lost because he’s disingenous. He has demonstrated a shrewd business class approach to politics where issues are second to electability. Because it was politically expedient, he changed his long-standing and vocal position on abortion, just to name a small example. People don’t trust him, plain and simple. I think Huntsman is going to prove that all the hype around Mormon-electability during the last campaign, was just convenient cover for the real reasons Romney didn’t make it.

  15. Tom says:


    Best description of the “Romney” thing I have seen yet.

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