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Should LDS Church members support the proposed Ground Zero mosque?

There’s an interesting blog post at CNN’s Belief Blog by Stephen Prothero, a Boston University scholar. He argues that members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, by virtue of their faith’s history, should support the building of … Read More

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Mormon-obsessed Christians add their pound of hate to Glenn Beck rally

If you want to hear secular denunciations to Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally last Saturday in Washington D.C., you are directed to tune into MSNBC or read the New York Times editorial pages. But it’s not fair to leave out … Read More

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The singing candidate, please don't let this become a political trend

Below is the funniest three minutes of politics this year. Further proof that fiction can’t match real life’s hilarity. The Office’s “David Brent” or “Michael Scott” have nothing on this guy for cringe-inducing humor!

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Mormons don’t really believe in a rapture, but we also obsess about the end times

There’s an old Mormon joke: A cardinal says to the pope, “I have good news and bad news.” The pope replies, “Good news first.” The cardinal says, “Christ has returned.” The pope says, ‘What could be the bad news?” The … Read More

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1 percent transaction tax is proposed letter goes viral on the Net

They say that a con works best when the pitch can be construed as a little true, but … For example, 99 percent of raffle participants are winners … but one wins a car, and 99,000 of us win a … Read More

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President Obama discovers that the centre cannot hold

“The centre cannot hold” is a from a William Butler Yeats poem, “The Second Coming” that’s in about every anthology of Western poetry. Although it deals with weightier subjects than a pol’s popularity, I think of “the centre cannot hold” … Read More

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Ann Coulter books a speech with gay Republicans and World Net Daily sulks

Interesting conservative squabble going on. Conservative fighter Ann Coulter accepted an invitation to speak at Homocon 10, an event sponsored by GOPProud, a conservative and libertarian gay rights group. When World Net Daily, a right-wing group popular with “birthers” (conspiracy … Read More

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Mark Twain got the credit, but Artemus Ward got closer to the polygamists

One hundred and fifty years ago, the Mormons, those peculiar polygamists in the mountains, were foil for toilers in wit and satire. Mark Twain’s portrayal of Brigham Young, polygamists, the Book of Mormon and Mormon wives is archived forever in … Read More

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Glenn Beck: Gay marriage is no threat to America

Credit the sometimes goofy, sometimes John Birchy Glenn Beck for advocating common sense on the gay marriage issue. He pointed out that gay marriage is no threat to America. Here’s to hoping that many of his adherents follow the Glennster … Read More

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Bishop: Wilderness-designated land an impediment to immigration reform

I talked recently with our local U.S. Rep. Rob Bishop about immigration. The congressman is in his district for a few days with speaking engagements and town hall meetings. The conservative split on immigration issues — such as Arizona’s law … Read More

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