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Do Mormons really ban playing cards from the home?

To see Cal Grondahl’s cartoon that goes with this post, go here Tired of repeat Go Fish games, I was shamefacedly teaching my younger daughter how to play poker. I didn’t have much success; she kept giggling when I tried … Read More

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A consequence of a judge gutting the Arizona immigration law

So, a Clinton appointee judge helped the Obama administration gut Arizona’s attempt to enforce immigration law. Do the people in the White House know why there is a Tea Party movement? Or why most independents no longer support the president? … Read More

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If we continue to scream racism too often, we won't take real racism seriously

If we don’t stop insinuating racism or calling the other side racist when talking political differences, we risk taking the toxic term, racism, and diminishing its meaning.  The race spats and back and forth name calling have gone into overdrive … Read More

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There is no legitimate reason to deny gays the right to marry

I’m reading “Hitch — 22,” Christopher Hitchens’ memoir of 40-plus years in journalism. It’s a great read. I highly recommend it. You can agree vociferously with Hitchens, or disagree with him, and I do hate his disdain for Mother Teresa, … Read More

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Friberg defined the manly side of art

Arnold Friberg died almost a month ago at 96. He was an artist who managed to achieve fame within both the Mormon community and the rest of the world. He was very prolific and it’s doubtful his influence as an … Read More

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More fun with the Journolist vast left wing conspiracy

We talked about the ‘Journolist” fiasco a while back, but the now-defunct listserve of frustrated reporters venting their spleens at conservatives continues to haunt the journalists who spleen-vented. Tucker Carlson’s “Daily Caller” continues to drip, drip, drip outrageous posts that … Read More

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Hatch working hard not to catch Bennett-itis

A friend of mine was at the Glenn Beck gala Saturday at EnergySolutions Arena. She told me that when Sen. Orrin Hatch was introduced to the crowd of several thousand, there was polite, mild applause. Hatch offered the Pledge of … Read More

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Poll shows sharp differences between D.C. people, rest of America

There’s an interesting poll today from Politico that shows distinct differences of opinion between Washington D.C. policy and political professionals and the rest of America. The differences include political ideology and perceptions of the economy and national mood. Perhaps the … Read More

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Prostitute daughters of Scott Brown and other witty progressive jokes

Have you heard of Kathy Griffin? She’s a humorist I guess you either love or hate. She doesn’t tickle my funny bone, although I recall a couple of “Seinfeld” episodes she was in. Rumor has it she’s a big hit … Read More

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Jeopardy kids flub question on Reagan

I didn’t believe this when I heard about it but here it is, preserved via YouTube. Three youngsters on “Jeopardy” who couldn’t place President Ronald Reagan. (Ignore some of the asinine comments on the YT page) I could have placed … Read More

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