A horrid, weak presidential address

I don’t pretend to be President Obama’s biggest fan, but I was eager to learn something from tonight’s presidential address on the Gulf oil spill and a future energy policy. And, in my opinion, we got virtually nothing of interest from our president.

Is it too much to ask the president to act like a commander in chief? What I saw was a combination of an out-of-the-loop  Homeland Security press secretary and a Thomas Friedman speech on C-Span. We need specifics, not platitudes or public relations.

We didn’t hear specifics on how the oil is going to be cleaned up. We didn’t hear specifics on what the president’s future energy policy is. I may not agree with the president, but I want details and specifics.

What I heard was pablum about a Nobel Prize winning adviser, generalities about a clean up, a blue-ribbon panel (that’s so encouraging) and some talk about the war on terror and the recession. And what is this chatter about the best minds and best team out there working? Is that why everything is going so swimmingly?

No one should blame the president for the oil spill. But two months after the crisis began, President Obama still can’t demonstrate leadership on this crisis.

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  1. Nicole says:

    Obama has never been an executive …. what else would we expect? Thanks for sharing your objective view Doug. I know you’re a lot more objective than I am. I can no longer stand to listen to him speak because all he does is lie and blame others.

  2. Bob Becker says:

    And now for today’s most shocking headlines….


    Film at eleven!

  3. midwinter says:

    I wonder what will happen when the right wing realizes that the actual left didn’t like the speech, either.

  4. Preston says:

    If the left didn’t like the speech either, that’s encouraging. A sign that the hero-worship is fading. Perhaps the right will be allowed to oppose President Obama’s clumsy power grabs whose purpose can barely be discerned because of a lack of coherent policy, without being accused of being motivated by bigotry.

  5. Bob Becker says:


    Oh, good lord, are you still peddling the claim that Democrats and the Progressive left, or “liberals” have been “hero worshiping” President Obama until just now? You really need to read more widely. Go to the NY Times and pull up Paul Krugman’s columns, for example, from the first weeks of the administration and you’ll find a steady drumbeat of criticism for the President’s appointments of his key economic advisors, and the President’s policies for dealing with the recession/depression.

    The notion that liberals or “the left” have been blindly hero-worshiping the President until recently exists only in the over-heated imaginations of the Rush Limpaws, Glen Becks, Bill O’Reillys, Sean Hannitys and their followers who accept their characterizations of “what liberals think” uncritically as accurate.

    Get out more. Talk to people who don’t think as you do. Read liberal sources as well as conservative ones. And stop, please, accepting what Limpaw et al. tell you “liberals think” as accurate. Most of the time, when they say “liberals think this,” they say things this liberal doesn’t think, has never thought, and no liberal I know — and I know a lot of liberals — thinks.

  6. LiberalsRLosers says:

    What did you expect from a horrid, weak president?

    Nicole is right. All he does is lie and blame others. He especially loves to blame Bush because non-thinking liberals like Becker eat it up.

  7. Al says:

    That’s funny, LiberalsRLosers, “non-thinking liberals like Becker.” It’s too bad that — and by “too bad,” I mean “funny” — your post follows a thoughtful and reality-based comment from Bob that just makes you look like a “me too, Doug!” fool.

  8. Jeff says:

    I was also disappointed.

    I think it’s unfortunate that when “pro Obama” and “con Obama” have something they agree on, it still degenerates into an argument.

    Kudos to anyone that hopes and works for the best outcome rather than just keeping score.

    Despite having voted for Obama, I don’t use that as a childish excuse to praise everything he does and condemn anything his detractors come up with.

    I gave GWB the same consideration even though I voted against him twice.

  9. Bob Becker says:


    Well, let’s see. The President placed primary blame for the oil rig explosion and subsequent leak on BP, whose well it was. Who else do you think he should have held primarily responsible for the blowout and leak, particularly since BP’s short cuts and ignoring gas pressure problems at the well, and the advice of its own safety officer regarding how to deal with it [advice that would have slowed production at the well, and cost more money] over the previous months has now been amply documented?

    As for “all he does is blame others,” particularly Bush — did you not notice, when President Obama was discussing the regulatory failures of the Mineral Management Service [the federal agency that's supposed to oversee safety matters on Gulf oil rigs], this: “When Ken Salazar became my Secretary of the Interior, one of his very first acts was to clean up the worst of the corruption at this agency. But it’s now clear that the problems there ran much deeper, and the pace of reform was just too slow.” And yet you claim “all he does is blame others.”

    I’m beginning to wonder if you watched the speech at all, or are you simply relying on others, in this case Mr. Gibson, to tell you what to think about it? If you didn’t watch it, you can still read the full text. You’ll find it here:


  10. midwinter says:

    Oof. Here’s Mother Jones on it. Ouch.

    I missed the speech yesterday, but the universal reaction seems to be that it really missed the mark.


    As an admitted Sarah Palin moron/suckler, you, Doug, have no credibility with regard to your political opinions. Perhaps you should concentrate on discourse in re: your stupid ward and your stupid bishop.

  12. laytonian says:

    Frankly, Doug, I don’t believe you LISTENED to Obama’s speech.

    If you did, you’d have heard a man criticize his own people (primarily Ken Salazar and MMS), BP, polticians on both sides for not doing anything regarding energy.

    ALL of you who wanted “details” — did JFK propose how the engineers were to get us to the moon? NO! He set a goal, as did Obama, yesterday.

    AND…Obama just got BP to agree to a $20 BILLION down payment into the remediation escrow fund.

    Thank God Obama is our President, rather than McCain-Palin at a time like this.

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