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Joseph Smith, Book of Mormon coming to Broadway

“The Book of Mormon” will be in the big lights of Broadway next year … but don’t expect to see LDS missionaries outside the theater handing out tracts. The creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, are preparing, … Read More

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High court says OK to California cross, more or less

In a Supreme Court case that I have been watching for years, the high court ruled 5-4 — via its narrow conservative majority — that a white cross on national park land meant to honor war dead is not a … Read More

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Bob Bennett is cooked and ready to lose at convention

A new poll for The Salt Lake Tribune from Mason-Dixon polling is very succinct: Sen. Bob Bennett’s goose is cooked. In a survey of GOP state delegates, Mike Lee leads with 37 percent, Tim Bridgewater is second with 20 percent, … Read More

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Democrats make a push for younger voters

In 2008, younger voters, particularly the 18 to 29 group, voted in heavier-than-normal numbers overwhelmingly for President Obama and Democrats. According to a Gallup poll, they still lean Democrat, but are less likely to vote in this year’s November elections. … Read More

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Brother Brigham forces the LDS reader to ponder some uncomfortable thoughts

One of the quirkiest, and enjoyable edgy Mormon fiction out there remains “Brother Brigham,” (2007, Zarahemla Books) It’s a pity that probably only a few hundred people have read the novel. Utah Author D. Michael Martindale’s bizarre, at times sexy … Read More

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Ed Schultz and a tea partier. You pick the disturbed one.

Liberal talker Ed Schultz, a man who helps pitch the myth that tea partiers are embryonic Timothy McVeighs, displays his tolerance to a tea partier who calls his show. Hat tip: Radio Equalizer.

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Will Arizona soon have the toughest illegal immigration law?

In Arizona, both houses of the state legislature have passed a bill that mandates that police on border cities check the immigration status of people if police have a “reasonable suspicion” they are illegals. If these people are unable to … Read More

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Obama mocks the tea partiers but who will have the last laugh?

Keep mocking those tea partiers, President Obama, the crowds at fund-raisers eat this stuff up as much as they enjoyed the bitter-and-clinging-to-guns-and-religion quotes in 2008. I just have to say, though, I think the tea partiers might be chuckling more … Read More

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Sonia Johnson, the ERA a contentious issue during presidency of Kimball

In “Lengthen Your Stride,” the biography of the Prophet Spencer W. Kimball’s tenure as LDS Church president, there is this anecdote: President Kimball, who in spring 1979 was being constantly called by Mormon dissenter Sonia Johnson, retreated to the foyer … Read More

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Poll: Herbert with a big lead over Corroon

Early in the campaign season, a new poll shows Utah Republican Gov. Gary Herbert with a big lead over Democratic challenger, Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon. Herbert leads 57 percent to 29 percent in the survey of 1,000 likely … Read More

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