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Bogus poll satisfies some people's need to call Republicans morons

Harris released a poll recently. You might have heard some liberals chortling over it. Apparently 45 percent of Republicans believe Presient Obama is not a U.S. citizen and 38 percent think he’s doing some things Hitler did. Oh yes, there’s … Read More

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Would ending birthright citizenship cool the immigration debate?

George Will has written a fascinating column with the proposal that birthright citizenship — where children of illegals are presumed to be U.S. citizens — is not constitutional. It’s a provocative opinion that at first glance seems to contradict the … Read More

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End of priesthood denial for blacks was a relief to most LDS Church members

For the past several weeks, I have had the opportunity to read the working draft of the book “Lengthen Your Stride,” the biography of the Mormon prophet Spencer W. Kimball’s time leading the LDS Church, by his son Edward L. … Read More

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Is Sen. Bob Bennett in trouble after the caucuses?

It appears that Republican turnout was quite large at the Utah caucuses on Tuesday, and that may spell trouble for Utah’s junior Sen. Bob Bennett. National Review Online’s The Corner blog has this post called Something’s rumbling in Utah: Read … Read More

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Can a child be protected from a mom who eats 12,000 calories a day?

A grotesque, but fascinating story: A New Jersey mom, Donna Simpson, who weighs 600 or so pounds, wants to be the world’s fattest mom, so she’s eating 12,000 calories a day. To fund this she charges men, I presume, money … Read More

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Will ObamaCare survive a court challenge?

Unless the Senate Democrats have lied, which is always a possibility in Congress, the U.S. Senate health care bill will become law with a few tweaks from the U.S. House. Even if the Senate does nothing, there will still be … Read More

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Merlin Olsen helped make defensive football a lot more exciting

Unless you’re over 42 or 43, you may not recall Merlin Olsen, who died last week. As a football star, famous in Utah, Olsen, by his own words, was raised in a strict Mormon home. He was a huge star … Read More

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Deem and Pass takes health care reform to farce

When failure is prolonged too long, it eventually turns into farce. The irony of the Democrats’ attempt to shove an unpopular health care reform horse pill down Americans’ throats is that the farcial failure may actually become law. Ever heard … Read More

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Of course the Garn story was news in 2002

The Deseret News has a fascinating story about how in 2002 it  received word and verified that former Utah House Majority Leader Kevin Garn’s once hot-tubbed in the nude with a 15-year-old girl, Cheryl Maher, when the politician was about … Read More

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George Romney was too perfect to be president in 1968

The Spring 1971 BYU Studies journal has an interesting article. Titled, “The 1968 Presidential Decline of George Romney: Mormonism or Politics?,” it’s an interesting look at the presidential campaign of Mitt Romney’s father. The elder Romney was as an attractive … Read More

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