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In 2012, evangelicals will still be a problem for Romney

It seems pretty clear that Mitt Romney will run for president again in 2012. His chances aren’t too bad given that Republicans have a history of nominating high-profile candidates who have ran and lost before. I’d rate Romney as having … Read More

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The House may be the sandpit that sinks the latest version of ObamaCare

The White House, in a move that should have occurred long ago, has its own version of health care insurance reform. It’s sort of a Democratic Party compromise, mostly the U.S. Senate’s version with a few concessions to the U.S. … Read More

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CPAC notwithstanding, Ron Paul and Glenn Beck were odd

Watching the CPAC gathering in D.C. over the weekend was a bit surreal. Ron Paul won the presidential straw poll and Glenn Beck was the keynote speaker. OK … Beck’s kind of entertaining but if you want a read a … Read More

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Get ready for the 2012 media campaign – Satan and Jesus Christ are ‘bros’

I love this lead from an Idaho newspaper (Rexburg Standard Journal) covering an LDS fireside: “A top LDS religious leader gave a rare unscripted fireside to Brigham Young University-Idaho students Saturday.” “Unscripted fireside?” With apologies to Orwell, that’s a delightful … Read More

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Sorry Palin fans, but The Family Guy is not a far left vehicle

Last Sunday there was an admittingly tasteless comedy shot at Sarah Palin from the creators of The Family Guy, a very funny TV cartoon show. It involves a character on the show going out on a date with a girl … Read More

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Mixing global warming with religion causes a lot of embarrassment

Everyone knows health care reform is comatose, but taking even harder hits is the idea that humans are causing the earth to warm and that the future consequences are catastrophic. Global warming is an issue that has died. What’s interesting … Read More

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The Backslider reminds us that enjoying sex is part of the Gospel

It’s a pleasure to read Levi S. Peterson’s novel, “The Backslider” every year or two. It’s the tale of Frank Windham, a rural Utah young man in the mid-20th century who is a bit of a hell-raiser but heavily influenced … Read More

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We need more debates like this one between Jon Stewart and Newt Gingrich

More evidence that the Daily Show, good or bad, is the best source for civil debate with a sense of humor. If we could get Congress to talk like this, maybe we can do something about deficit reduction. The latest … Read More

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Panic, fear and loathing on the Palin trail

Sarah Palin spoke at Tea Party Nation on Saturday night. I thought is was a pretty good speech. You can watch it  here The left side of the opinion media reacted in its usual multi-mood manner. Bob Shrum represented the … Read More

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Whether it’s the bishop, stake president or the Lord talking, I’ll generally take the job

I recall reading in one of the Mark Hofmann murder/forgery books, where Steve Christensen, one of Hofmann’s victims, while bishop of his ward, would admit to members that he didn’t always receive revelation for their positions and solicited their advice … Read More

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